Mario Maker’s Newest Impossible Level Has A Great Joke At The End

Mario Maker’s Newest Impossible Level Has A Great Joke At The End

Anyone who manages to beat this hellish Mario Maker will be treated to a funny callback. Wanna see?

The level, which is called U-Break, took around 50 hours to build and beat. PangaPangaea, the level creator, estimates that he experienced around 20,000 Mario deaths before successfully clearing the level from start to finish. The result is this monstrosity, which may or may not be the hardest Mario Maker level in existence right now:

Man. The Wiggler jumping + shell juggling that happens around the :29 second mark. This course is ridiculous!

In any case, when Mario gets to the very last section of the level, you can see this:

This is a reference to the man who cried tears of joy after beating a gruelling Mario Maker level earlier in the year. If you recall, he was so overwhelmed by emotion after beating PangaPangaea’s “P-Break” level, that he screamed “YATTA” after clearing it. Yatta, as some of you already know, more or less translates to “I did it” in Japanese. Thanks to the ‘yatta’ guy, it’s become a Thing in Mario Maker to cheerfully squeal the word after beating a particularly difficult level — and now that’s been immortalised in U-Break, too. Heh.

If you’d like to brave PangaPangaea’s latest impossible level, here’s the course ID: BC5E-0000-00D4-CD7C. Good luck!


  • I thought nintendo had a hard stance with having their game footage on youtube? Has that eased up since Mario Maker came out or do people just not care about it? I mean I don’t care but I thought people weren’t posting Ninty stuff because of this rule.

      • They’re making out like “in the past all money went to Ninetendo, now Nintendo are giving you half”…. surely that was only recently imposed so what they really mean is:

        You used to stream our gameplay and made money, but we didn’t like it.
        So we blocked you from doing it, but you didn’t like it
        Then we allowed it on the condition that we got all the money, but you didn’t like it
        Now we’re allowing you to have half of it, look how generous we are.

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