Morning, Here's A New Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

It's short, sweet and showcases the Battle Of Jakku.

The Battle of Jakku is a free, post-release download that you can get a week early if you pre-order. So it's a pre-order incentive basically. The good news is that everyone gets to play it eventually (one week later) so it's not one of those super dodgy pre-order incentives. It's no 'pre-order pants' that's for sure.


    Looks epic, but so did the video for the battle of Hoth...

    So is Battlefront canon then?

      I think all the games, movies, comics, anything else (with the exception of Disney Infinity because it's about toys) that's released since Disney taking over is canon. Apprently that also doesn't include The Old Republic though, as it was released before the agreement - even if it just had a new expansion :P

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    Christ that is nice sand!

      A map in the sand is worth two in the bush

        I wonder if the rebels measure things in metric and the imperials err...

      Trying to resist pre-order... must resist...

    As much as it irritates me, the front end "exclusivity marketing" from the the console players, is indeed in full force. I showed a previous battlefront trailer to my boss. His kids own an xbone. When he saw the ad he said to me: "Looks like I need to buy a playstation". Before I explained he wouldn't need to. But, bravo, Sony. Bravo indeed.

    I'm just so so so disappointed that there was such an opportunity for some amazing cinematics in a story mode!!!

    I hope there's an explanation in the game for why the battle is going on - perhaps in the DLC there'll be one of those story-esque 'missions'?

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