Remote Play Is Officially Coming To The PC And Mac

An unofficial app popped up online this week that mimicked the Remote Play functionality with that the PS4 shares with the PlayStation Vita. The downside there was, unlike most things online, it wasn't free — but that was a small price to pay when you considered the potential.

But it wasn't as exciting as thinking about the prospect of something with official backing. And now, that's precisely what the internet has received.

In a tweet this afternoon, Sony Worldwide Studios president and one of the long-serving faces of the PlayStation brand Shuhei Yoshida has announced that the company is working on an official app that would bring the PS Vita's Remote Play functionality to the PC and Mac platforms.

The Sony executive hasn't announced anything further about the expansion of Remote Play, but it's likely that if any information is forthcoming we will probably hear about it during the PlayStation Experience next weekend.


    Awesome! I've got a gsync monitor so there's no hdmi input and I can't always use the ps4 on the TV so this will be perfect.

      I just googled this and now I'm getting one, thanks for that! And above you said no HDMI input, do you mean input lag?

        More than likely he means the input for the monitor is not HDMI (which all consoles use), it will be most likely be display-port.

          Yes that is it, the only draw back of a gsync monitor...

    I'm a Mac guy + a wife who loves to hijack the TV (thank God The Living Room has finished for another year)

    I think a little bit of wee came out.

    Great. I've always been interested in that. Finally a possibility of remote play and full controller support!

    This is awesome news, can't wait. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for it.

    Shit. Just realised.

    There will be no PS5.

    The PS5 will be an app for computers. It will be a steam store for PS games. They will have a streaming service for all games, and the ability to purchase new ones. All on PC. That's where this is going.

      *camera pans to reveal destroyed Statue of Liberty poking out of the sand*

    Hope my craptop is good enough, I use it all the time on Vita.

    Love it! This was one of the highest voted requests on the PSBlog. But we also asked for iOS as well.

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