StarCraft 2 Will Get Paid Campaign DLC After Legacy Of The Void

StarCraft 2 Will Get Paid Campaign DLC After Legacy Of The Void

As part of Blizzard’s plans to continue supporting their flagship RTS, the company has revealed that it will produce and release episodic single-player content as paid DLC.

In an embargoed interview yesterday with Legacy of the Void level designer Kristopher Howl, it was announced that the first set of single-player content post-Legacy of the Void would be nine campaign missions featuring Nova.

The missions would be released in three tranches of three missions a piece, while additional content including skins would also be released as part of a broader strategy to provide more than just multiplayer content for StarCraft.

Howl confirmed with me that Nova would gain upgrades and additional abilities over the course of the missions, not wholly unlike the structure set in place for the co-operative Allied Commanders mode.

The missions would also be set after Legacy of the Void, with the Terran Dominion being beset with internal conflict in the wake of the final StarCraft 2 campaign. Howl added that the DLC single-player missions would introduce new mechanics and revolve around Nova’s role as a Ghost.

More information about Blizzard’s plans for StarCraft 2 was announced this morning during the company’s annual convention, Blizzcon. Starcraft 2: Nova Covert Ops will drop Spring 2016 (Autumn here in Australia). Check out the trailer below:


    • People said the same thing about splitting StarCraft II into three parts, but so far it’s worked out well. I still have faith in Blizzard and their ability to resist the corruption of Activision.

      • yeah, somehow I also seem to have faith that Blizzard will do this right. It will either be exactly the way DLC should be, or a massive failure, no where in between.

      • Yer look i hope your right. DLC is pretty notorious for being light on content vs $ value when compared to the base game.

        • And please, lets remember it’s activision blizzard now, look at what they are doing with overwatch – paid game plus going to shill you for DLC.

  • I’m pretty happy this is happening. I’m really into the StarCraft universe, so it’ll be great to have additional campaigns continuing on the story and fleshing out the world.

  • This might be controversial – but I like that our graphics are now at a stage where developers don’t feel the need to release a new instalment of the whole game each year. Will Starcraft 3 look drastically better than 2? No. But in using the same engine to expand the existing game means the developer can just focus on narrative and mechanics.

    Of course then the imperative is on us to support developers who are actually doing this and not just taking the piss (I’m looking at you, horse armour).

    • You’re misled if you think this is about graphics. They’re using the same engine and haven’t really improved the graphics since 2010’s release. You’re buying a new campaign, new cinematics and an update to the multiplayer meta.

  • Legacy of the Void has taken so long I’m just not interested anymore.

    Starcraft 3 release year – 2030.

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