Another League Of Legends Team Is Auctioning Off Its Spot

Another League Of Legends Team Is Auctioning Off Its Spot

While Australia has just enjoyed hosting the International Wildcard All-Stars tournament down in Melbourne, the League of Legends off-season is where the real money is floating around. And another team is soliciting offers on its position in the top tier of European League competition.

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The Daily Dot has reported that, following a similar move by the eSports organisation Dignitas a couple of months ago, Elements is seeking private offers for its position in the European wing of the League Championship Series.

Sources have reportedly told the publication that “several interested parties” have enquired about purchasing the position, with Elements’ roster having been completely hollowed out.

Elements was formed earlier in the year when Riot instituted a new policy last year on the sales of sponsorships for LCS teams, as well as the rules governing their owners. Evil Geniuses was also affected by the rule changes, which also affected the eSports GoodGame Agency firm and its owner, Alexander Garfield.

Those changes have prevented team owners or managers from having any direct or indirect financial interests in more than one League of Legends team in a professional eSports league, which is what has triggered the spate of LCS sales over this year.

Buyers have reportedly been told that if they purchase Elements’ position, it won’t come with any players. Three players have already left, and while one wants to stay sources have told the Daily Dot that the team’s owner is shopping the LCS spot around under the understanding that it will be with a clean roster.

It’s not likely that Elements’ owner will receive anywhere near as much money for their LCS spot as what was given to Dignitas, which was just south of US$1 million. That doesn’t mean the slate will be entirely clean — it’ll be intriguing to see what happens with the two remaining players.

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  • I’ll give them $20. Can’t play LoL for quids, but I went to the wildcard event in Melbourne and I know that I’m not cut out for AFL or Rugby.

  • Wait a minute…isn’t your team’s position based on your wins? Or are we talking position in tournament starting line-up? Either case if you don’t show, you should get bumped for a reserve team that shows on the day.

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