Fallout 4 Companions, Ranked

Fallout 4 Companions, Ranked

The wasteland can be a lonely place. Fortunately, Bethesda’s garbage pick-up simulator doesn’t force you to take on the Commonwealth all on your own.

While every companion in Fallout 4 has a knack for getting the in way and messing up sneaking attempts, some of the available sidekicks are still better than others. Here is the definite ranking of Fallout 4 companions, from worst to best.

13. Preston Garvey

12. X6-88

11. Paladin Danse

10. Strong

9. Codsworth

8. Cait

7. Hancock

6. MacCready

5. Piper

4. Dogmeat

3. Curie

2. Deacon

1. Nick Valentine


    • Codsworth would’ve been great if he didn’t whine and hate everything I do in the wasteland.
      Dogmeat is the only one that loves me unconditionally.

  • 1) D
    2) O
    3) G
    4) M
    5) E
    6) A
    7) T

    Seriously though, mine would be Dogmeat, Nick, Curie and Piper. I’ll never get over the moment i was sorting out my gear, accidentally removing my clothes, and then Piper says, “Blue…. where are your pants??!”

    But Dogmeat… because loyalty.

  • 2. Dogmeat
    1. Danse

    Much better list…..

    But then again they’re the only companions I actually used properly in my playthrough.

  • First playthrough I took Nick since the story seemed to expect it, then picked up Piper until she was maxed out, then switched to Danse until he bugged out for some reason, then stuck with Deacon for pretty much the rest of the game.

    This playthrough I’ve stuck with Dogmeat for 20 hours but haven’t wasted any upgrade points on the Lone Wanderer perk because I do plan to pick up another companion, as soon as I actually progress with the main quest. I actually think I might have to swing by Vault 81 and get Curie. I didn’t take her with me at all in playthrough 1 and realised I missed a pretty cool quest for her as a result.

    I considered taking Cait but it seems the best way to build relationship with her is to use drugs and alcohol and steal. I’m all for the stealing (something Preston and Piper hate) but I never use Chems in Fallout, not even buffout or Med-X. Plus she hates it when you’re nice to people. I just left her at Sanctuary to look after my mutfruit crop.

  • I always find that they wreck when i want to be stealthy, or they kill guys i want to kill and get the exp for… Ive never had a companion. Am I missing out? What advantages do they have?

    • Once they adore you, they give you a perk. Off the top of my head, Nick gives you one extra chance at hacking and quick cooldown between attempts. Cant remember the rest.

  • I’ve got strong with me. Gave him a super sledge and he smashes dudes into chunks whilst I try and shoot around him. Good times!

  • Wow, I’ve been playing for hours, I’m about level 26, and I’ve only used Dogmeat. Maybe next playthrough…

  • i liked piper but her mouth animation is.. off and it looks really weird

    cant help but love everyone’s fave detective

  • I hate the fact that I felt more attached to Veronica, Cass and Boone from Fallout New Vegas than I do with ANY companion in Fallout 4 . Even with the whole companion relationship thing. I’m not inclined in any way to pick up a follower in F4, with NV I was straight to 188 to pick up Veronica and would literally play close to 40 hours with just her and probably mod it to get Cass and Boone so I wouldn’t have to give one up haha .
    I honestly can’t say what it is that makes me dislike the companions in this game so much. Maybe because it almost feels forced to interact with pretty much ALL of them, Nick for main quest, dogmeat for main quest, piper you meet outside of diamond city (inevitable), danse with the brotherhood, deacon with railroad, Preston with the whole minutemen settlement bullshit. Yeah Fallout NV you kind of do have to interact with most companions but it didn’t feel like it forced the whole ‘take me with you’ vibe that I get from Fallout 4. Maybe it’s just me, but surely I’m not the only one that thinks the FNV companions are better than F4?

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