Just Cause 3 Glitch Is Truly One In A Million

Just Cause 3 Glitch Is Truly One In A Million

Video: YouTuber teamcream brings order to Just Cause 3's chaotic mess with a pretty lucky move. Even though he places some boosters randomly on a cargo container, after some spins, the object stops and remains perfectly balanced on one of its corners.

That won't happen again any time soon.


    That's some incredible luck there, but wouldn't it be the case in situations where such boosters are placed in symmetrical positions on the surfaces of a box to force the box to begin spinning as it finds its axis, just like the case where you give a backward spin to a cylinder on the ground and it stabilises upright after spinning until the force runs out?
    Never really got into physics so I don't know the exact terms, but I guess that's what happened with the box in the video.

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