Steam Ad Accidentally Reveals Just Cause 4

Steam Ad Accidentally Reveals Just Cause 4

There’s a fourth Just Cause game on the way. It was probably due to be announced next week at E3, but people logging onto Steam right now are getting preorder ads for it a little early.

Here’s the full ad I was just served:

Clicking for details doesn’t reveal any additional information or take you to the game’s store page, it just redirects to the Steam store’s front page.


  • Accidental, or getting out in the clean air before e3? Look, you’re promoting it right now!

  • Is it really an accident?

    Or was it show Just Cause?


    I’ll get my coat.

  • A story about an ad completely covered by ads. Kotaku, you need to remove the giant drop down ad, it’s killing this website.

    • I just rattled of an email to life hacker. Their ad’s cover more then 2/3rds of my screen.
      I complained in the speak amongst yourself section the other day and was advised to contact them instead.
      Take a screenshot and fire it over to them.

      • Yeah, screenshots help immensely if you can send them over (because it tells the team precisely which unit isn’t firing as intended etc)

        • You give some websites your trust and allow their ads, and then they go and do things like this which just forces you to toggle ads back off.

  • I thought that Just Cause 4 got leaked a couple weeks back? Was it part of the Walmart site that leaked Rage 2 or something?

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