Just Cause 3 Has A Cool Marvel Comics Easter Egg

Just Cause 3 Has A Cool Marvel Comics Easter Egg

Video: There’s something very heavy in one of Just Cause 3‘s mountain craters and no amount of fancy tether-work by Rico Rodriguez can pick up it up.

The latest entry in Avalanche’s open-world chaos series came out today but YouTube channel Arekks Gaming has already uncovered a cool nod to the thunder god of Norse mythology. In the video above, you can see the location of an homage to Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Rico can’t move the thing, of course. Was anyone expecting him to be worthy?


  • I can’t even play my Steam version for another 7 hours and I’m already getting this game spoiled for me.

  • You know what. I think there should be a 6 month ban on video game websites from posting stuff like this for a game that just came out. I want to read gaming websites, not cheat codes or hint guides. I want news.

  • if you don’t want it spoiled, just don’t click the article. I personally couldn’t care so long as the story remains unspoiled 🙂

    • You don’t play JC for story. You play it for exploration, and part of that is finding the god dam secrets!

      • Valid point… but still, its easily enough avoided. The title tells us that its going to be spoiled, so just don’t click it 🙂

      • haha yeah, I 100%’d the other two Just Cause games, and can honestly tell you I have no idea what the story actually is lol

        • I dont remember any of the story – i got bored with Just Cause but number 2 had more longevity! thats all i hope for from this – to pick it up when i have some spare time and just go exploring and blowing shit up!

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