Mod Turns Fallout 4's Creepy Mannequins Into Flamingos

Mod Turns Fallout 4's Creepy Mannequins Into Flamingos

Fallout 4's wasteland holds many secrets — and also many more not-so-secrets. Case in point: creepy-arse mannequins are goddamn everywhere.

Finding themselves in unanimous agreement with every other member of sane society, modder Hilliary decided this was not OK. Their solution? Lawn flamingos, naturally. Thus, the Mannequin Be-gone (Rise of the Flamingos) mod was born. It replaces every mannequin in Fallout 4 with a corresponding lawn flamingo. Hilliary explained:

"I made this for myself and have been using it for a while with no issues. I figured at least one other person would appreciate it, so here we are. Why did I make this? Because I have automatonophobia and Bethesda's over-enthusiasm with mannequins in FO4 stresses me out :')))))"

So there we go. Problem solved!

Except... well, I'm envisioning a room full of dingy, dead-eyed plastic flamingos right now, and it's not exactly comforting. Next time, how about replacing the mannequins with something less unnerving? Like bears.


    I was wondering is there a quest or something explaining why there are so many mannequins?

    There was a good use of mannequins I noticed - The Gunner Vault (can't remember what number) had a mannequin standing guard, made me check my sniper sight more than once when trying to pick the gunners off. VATS doesn't pick it up though :p

      I have shot at the odd mannequin in the heat of battle once or twice.....

        As have I.

        Got to give them props for how effective some of the really well placed ones are at making you look twice.

          In my defense some of the character models are about as good as a mannequin.
          (That's a tad harsh from a bloke that can't stop playing)

            From a distance in the city areas they're absolutely deceptive, especially if it's dark or foggy, etc.

            They remind me so much of the mannequin scenes in I Am Legend... I keep waiting to catch something moving them about and posing them for a trap.

          Really surprised that there wasn't any synths pretending to be mannequins. Seems like a missed opportunity for some serious creepy horror elements

    during the first encounter with the synths and doing the museum of witch craft quest are my two *fire off a few rounds* oh wait, they arnt people/synths moments.

    Creepy Mannequins Into Flamingos, whats next turning the death claws into teddy bears?

    There meant to be a bit creepy... its fallout

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