Overwatch's New Characters And Maps Will Not Be Paid DLC

Video: Overwatch is going to release new characters and maps as free updates, rather than paid DLC, game director Jeff Kaplan said in a developer update today. Previously nobody knew for certain how Blizzard would monetise this aspect of their game. Phew! via Polygon.


    Well Considering they're releasing the game at full price... i would see this as normal.

      Expected maybe, not normal these days though.

        Definitely not normal. Evolve anyone?

          And if we're talking maps, don't forget Activisions own Call of Duty sells their new ones.

            Not to mention the battlefield premium which consist of maps, some weapon packs, priority server queue which cost almost the same as the game itself!

    If the content is substantive I don't mind paying for it. But, free works as well.

      same, im cool with paying for content, but not maps. It's my biggest gripe. paid maps fractures the user base

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