Report: Kojima Finally Leaves Konami To Start His Own Studio

Report: Kojima Finally Leaves Konami To Start His Own Studio

After a year full of rumours, the Kojima/Konami saga appears to be coming to a close, with the Japanese newspaper Nikkei reporting that Hideo Kojima’s time with the company has finally ended.

The legendary designer, best known for developing the Metal Gear Solid series, will reportedly start his own studio with other former Konami staff. Nikkei reports that Kojima and crew are in negotiations with Sony to debut their first game on PlayStation platforms, according to a translation by NeoGAF user Zefah (and corroborated by Japanese-speaking Wired editor Chris Kohler.)

This news comes after a seemingly endless saga of reports about Konami mistreating Kojima. Earlier this month, Game Awards host Geoff Keighley fired shots at Konami for not letting the celebrated game designer come to Los Angeles and accept an award for his most recent game, Metal Gear Solid V. We’ve reached out to Konami many, many times for comment on all this, and we pinged them again today about this news.

You may have seen a GameSpot tweet and report suggesting that Kojima is forming a studio with Sony; that report is based on a mistranslation and is not what Nikkei reported.


  • I am so stoked to hear this news. With his own studio, he now has full creative control. ANd the fact he is teaming up with Sony to debut on PS makes this even better. I’d love to see him and Del Toro get to work on a new horror game. Something in the spirit of Silent Hills, but obviously not SH, due to Konami owning it.

    Can’t wait to see what he comes out with next.

    • Don’t be so sure about that. The realities of game development costs mean that he’s gonna have to team up with a publisher. If it’s Sony he should be ok, they tend to give developers enough rope, but just look at what Activision’s Destiny decisions have done to Bungie’s reputation once they earned their “freedom”.

      Might be out of the frying pan and into the fire on this one, but it’s too soon to tell.

      • True. Hopefully this doesn’t happen. I’d like to think Kojima would be smart enough not to get into bed with a publisher that will potentially screw him all over again.

  • I hope to see the day when Konami sees Kojima’s studio overtaking it in popularity and financial success.

  • Only just started playing MGS5.. his name is ALL OVER IT when you’re in the game.. really can’t understand Konami removing him from the cover.. such a bad move on their part.

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