Tekken 7 Arcade Update Adds A Street Fighter X-Over

Tekken 7 Arcade Update Adds A Street Fighter X-Over

While it doesn't feel like Tekken X Street Fighter is coming any time soon, fighting fans will be getting a little Akuma-flavored taste of those two worlds colliding again in Tekken 7's upcoming "Fated Retribution" arcade update.

Announced at the end of the 2015 King of Iron Fist Tekken 7 Tournament (via Shoryuken), Tekken 7 Fated Retribution brings new characters, costumes, tweaks and touch-ups to Namdai Banco's (whatever) arcade fighter, while finally answering the question of who Heihachi's wife Kazumi was begging to end her husband in earlier trailers.

Akuma matata, Kazumi. If anyone can kill your husband in a game that's essentially to a bunch of other games in which he obviously lives on, it's this guy.


    And yet Akuma has not been announced for Street Fighter V so far...

    i actually got goosebumps with the first eye glow from Gouki. that was an awesome trailer.
    i havnt been keeping up with Tekken, but that looks awesome.

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