The Division Beta Delayed To 2016


Briefly: The beta for March 2016 Ubisoft action RPG The Division has been delayed. Originally, Ubi offered those who pre-ordered on Xbox One access to a beta this month, PC/PS4 to follow in 2016. The beta is delayed to next year, but Ubi now says that Xbox One pre-orderers may get added to an NDA’d testing alpha Dec 9-12 “as needed”.

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  • *crossing all fingers and toes in the hope that this game will be good, despite all the signs, such as this, pointing to the contrary*

        • If you like Destiny you will like this game. It is essentially an fps with number heavy damage elements (character levels effect damage, floating damage text, etc). I will say that during my play at Pax I was extremely under-whelmed with the PVP aspect of the game seemingly reducing my damage to other plays to a crawl (a whole primary weapon magazine and most of my secondary magazine), it seems that when players are at equal levels later in the game the time to kill is way too long, this was frustrating as it seemed to be designed this way (so sayeth the actual dev that stood behind me commenting that we were meant to all focus fire down the same player at the same time),

          • That’s pretty much the vibe I’ve been getting from the trailers/gameplay footage, and that’s good because that’s kinda what I’m after. I burned out on Destiny and don’t think i’ll go back at all, but I still like the idea of a persistent character/world that is mainly PvE, but that also has PvP if you want it.

            Also I’m a little bit intrigued byt the ‘time-to-kill’ thing, I’ve seen a few people talking about it. I’ve been playing a bit of battlefront lately (I don’t know why, it’s not that great a game…) and it is very frustrating to shoot a guy 5 times in the head for him to turn around and kill me with 1 shot from the exact same gun because my connection is terrible and I’m 3 secs behind what is actually happening. MAYBE (this is a big maybe) the amount of damage you need to deal the other players will alleviate this problem with lag/connection issues as it will give people like me who have tins cans strung together for an internet connection will have more of a buffer so I can not get killed by a guy around the corner who I can’t even see yet.

            We’ll see…

          • On the time to kill thing, it is closer to about eight to nine seconds (that includes either switching to secondary or longer if you reload instead). As someone who lives in Alice Springs, I have no issue with short time to kills as it keeps the action rolling on and I feel like this will be a major issue when it comes to you trying to evac dark zones only for squad after squad to grind you down. Regardless of skill level you will inadvertently take hits every once in a while and my issue was that with so many squads continually being able to attack it literally becomes a case of hoping that the enemy isn’t smart enough to just target the people waiting for the helicopter instead of the waiting squads.

          • The issue could be as simple as making the time it takes for you to evac your loot shorter, so 45 secs instead of 90 secs. That way you won’t have to hang around long enough to become a bullet sponge for multiple squads of griefers.

            Undoubtably everyone on the internet will let their opinions be known when the game launches in full and the devs can decide how to approach it: stick to their guns or bow down to community pressure.

  • I got my key for the alpha this morning, it’s currently pre-loading as we speak.

    Needless to say, I’m pretty effin’ keen!

    • Did you preorder? I didn’t, and yet they sent me a key this morning! Maybe they liked my work in the Siege beta? =P

      • Maybe – I found it strange i never pre ordered The Division but i did play the siege beta just on PS4 not on Xbox one – have no idea how or why they sent me the xbox one code but more than grateful. And it was a great experience jumping in last night – Looking forward to seeing them polish it up a bit more but we’ll see

      • Nope, haven’t pre-ordered as yet, I just “registered my interest” a few months back, and woke up to a key in my email.

  • Looking forward to it!!! I got mine ill download tonight – I’m guessing it’s from the 9th to the 12th US time? So roughly Thursday to Sunday?

  • Reason: Downgrading graphics to PS2 level….

    What’s the bet this game is going to look amazingly crap compared to what was originally shown off…

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