Want A Beta Key For The Division?

I recommend heading here right away. Ubisoft and nVidia are running a little something, giving away free beta codes to The Division while stocks last.

I'm on a rollercoaster with this game. First it looks amazing, then it looks kinda drab, then it looks amazing again. I'm keen for the high concept of it — sort of a realistic version of Destiny in a post-apocalyptic New York. Sure. I'm in.

Let us know how you go with getting the codes!


    Did anyone actually test this? Is it just not available in Australia?

    The page returns a "No promotions available in your country" message and the 'Expired Promos' section lists The Division.

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    When I click on the "Get you beta key" button:
    There are no promotions available for your country at this time. Please check again soon!

    So you posted this article too late for us to actually have a chance?

      More likely they got snapped up that quick.

      Happens every time something like this is promoted.

        Nah, according to other comments they were gone about 2-5 minutes before this went up. That's the time when various media outlets went live with their articles, Kotaku was just a few minutes slower than the rest.

    It was available. Up to about 2 minutes before this was posted. Saw it on Ozbargain just before this and missed out :(

    Apparently if you pre-order on Amazon you get the key and can then cancel the pre-order. Gets you free access as Amazon doesn't charge you until close to the shipping date.

    Not sure if that only works for USA or AUS too.

      My friend recommended this to me yesterday morning and it looks like they've stopped issuing them. He received a different order confirmation to mine, which didn't have a beta key.

        That's a bit odd though. If you pre-order then you're guaranteed a key. They can't just decide to not give you one when it's advertised.

          Yep, just checked out Amazon. On Amazon.com they say USA purchase only and don't mention a key for pre-ordering, also says no refunds. Go to Amazon.uk though and there's nothing about UK only, says you get a key in the description and doesn't say no refunds.

          So Amazon.uk seems like the best bet for a free key

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          But they have.

          Ubisoft has yet to comment on the policy change

            At least makes the refund seem justified then...haven't received the beta key as advertised.

              We are seeing an unprecedented level of interest in The Division closed beta and we want to warmly thank our fans for their enthusiasm and passion.
              We’ve already reached the capacity of players needed to test the game and online infrastructure during the beta and to prepare for the launch of the game (on PS4) on March 8.
              As a result, at this time we’re closing access to the closed beta through the PSN pre-order system.

              That's what I found.

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      I can confirm you that it doesn't work I tried it never got a code call them up they responded with the promotion it not available in your country where the fuck it does even say on there website anything about us only so I told does bastards to shove it I'm cancelling it

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        Was that amazon.us or amazon.uk? The US one does state USA only

    It got posted to OzBargain and Reddit r/gaming as well, so they lasted all of about 30 secs.

    just do what i do:
    1. Preorder on PSN
    2. immediately search for the division on PSN
    3. find the division beta and download it
    4. cancel the preorder - no money was charged

    Worked for me and my friend, we have beta downloaded 2 days ago.

    I learned this from reading an article on eurogamer, you can read the original article here:

      Did this last night - it's still working.

      Great point!

      I got sent an Xbox one code but i really wanted to pay on ps4 - gonna have to give this a shot tonight


        Any chance you want to give away that xbox one code? :)

      You might notice the update on the article from yesterday......

    Managed to get one earlier this morning. Shame they've run out.

    Been real interested in this game but Watch Dogs burned me bad...got high hopes this time Ubisoft.

      That's why I paid for a beta key, wanted a chance to try before I buy.

    I paid $2 for my key from a keysale website a week or two ago. Totally worth it!

      What was the site? Although I imagine they're all gone by now or the price has gone up by a lot.

        CDJkeys I think from memory? They gave you the ubisoft code, which you then redeemed for whatever your preferred platform was. I got the Xbox code emailed to me by Ubisoft Wednesday.

          Can't seem to see it there anymore. Kinguin has them for about $5 AUD.

    Microsoft sent me one out of the blue for xbone. Woo?

    My brother was able to get one since yesterday morning from that site, if that matters.

    Go To an EB, they should have a pad with tear off pages, each with a beta key. They are meant for pre-orders but if you ask nicely they might let you have one.

    I've pre ordered off Xbox store purely because I'm actually super keen for the game, my most anticipated game for this year aside from xcom 2

    Finished the beta last night it's really good. I like to think of it as ghost recon meets destiny. It plays like every other Tom Clancy 3rd person shooter. With destiny rpg elements. And I like that it's in 3rd person. Only thing I found frustrating was that b is to vault over cover and you had to select a grenade and throw it rather than just throw it ala destiny. As for all the gripes regarding gfx downgrade, if You want max gfx get it on of. Aside from that seeing the night cycle and how good it is on console with the Lightning effects and Ioading times just makes me so happy.

    I could quite literally make a cup of tea in the time it took destiny to load lol

      Yeah, I finished the one mission in the beta last night too.
      I'll do some of the side mission stuff tonight.

      I really enjoyed it too.
      I did find some of the inventory stuff a little confusing... and I'm worried there won't be that long of a campaign (I prefer single player games). I'm also concerned that what they've talked about for the season pass doesn't seem to extend the story any.

      All that said, based on what I've played I'm going to buy it.
      It looks incredible on xbox (I can only begin to imagine how good it looks on PC & PS4) and the sense of place is just amazing... it's really like walking through parts of New York.

      I liked how one of the first things in New York proper is a street lined with cars, so you can go around closing their doors.

    Bummer, looks like I missed out.
    I signed up for the beta via ubisoft several weeks ago, but looks like I missed that one too.
    This is more annoying than trying to find a Pikachu in Viridian forest for the first time.

    Managed to score one through Xbox Rewards thankfully :) Was hoping to get one for my mate though, but he'll just have to suffer for a while longer lol

    Over the years have suggested many times Kotaku Aus try and get some beta keys for their readers. If so many other gaming related sites can surely you guys could too?

      They don't have a good history with Ubisoft...

    Only if ubisoft beg me to take one.
    And if they do a press release outlining the microtransactions and why they would be structured any which way, if any.

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