Video Games And The Joy Of Discovery

Video Games And The Joy Of Discovery

Something I really value in game design is inter-connected worlds and the joy of discovering the ways in which those worlds are linked. I think that’s why I love games like Dark Souls and Metroid Prime.

This interesting video does a great job of explaining that joy of discovery.

It focuses a lot on Dark Souls, which makes sense. Dark Souls is one of the best examples of this kind of design. It’s a real masterpiece in that regard — especially in the organic way it shows you areas of the game, the way it makes the universe feel like one real place.

Well worth watching.


  • Man. I love the idea of Dark Souls. I just suck at it so bad and can’t stand fighting through 10-20 mins of trash mobs to try the same boss fight again. Is there something I can do? 🙁 I really feel like I’m missing out, since it’s totally my time of setting/game.

    • I can give you my own 2c on that.

      I’m only a relatively recent player of Dark Souls (finished the first game a few months ago), after initially being incredibly put off by the unforgiving nature of the game however i can also say that it is among one of the most unique and great experiences i’ve had with a video game, which is saying a lot in 20 years of gaming haha

      If you get easily stressed by games (like me) i’d suggest just to take it slowly at first, an hour or two and take your time. I’ll refrain from giving precise gameplay advice =P

      This reminds me i still need to finish Dark Souls 2 which I’ve had for the past few months on sale haha

      • Thanks man. What build did you play through with? Something that made the game a bit easier? Did you follow any guides to get good items early or anything?

        • I’d watched a little bit of early game gameplay from the first area and i’ve played more RPG’s than i can count in the past 20 years or so, so i just went for a high strength+dexterity build and i got lucky in getting a Dark Knight 2 handed sword, one of the strongest weapons in the game.

          My playstyle in games has often been offense before defense so once you get good at Dark Souls game mechanics (which you hopefully will sooner or later) like rolling, blocking, parrying (not necessary for the 1st playthrough but nice if you can get the timing down) then it’s a very enjoyable game =)

          I also chose a similar build in DS2, i just love 2 handed weapons so much =P

          I didn’t use any guides as the NPC’s generally gave me an idea of where i had to go, i needed one for DS2 as i got lost very easily.

          • OK. I forced myself to try Dark Souls again 3 days ago. I’m 12 hours in and blitzing through it! I don’t know what happened, but this time I’m just better! I’ve beaten like 7 bosses and I’ve died less than 20 times. I also was lucky enough to get the Black Knight Sword! Last time I played, I tried the Gargoyles about 30 times and barely got them to half health. This time I beat them on the third try. Loving it!

  • I only finished Dark Souls for the first time in late 2014, since then I’ve finished it again, finished DS2 twice and I’ve just finished a second playthrough of Bloodborne… All including related DLC.

    My best tip would be to take your time and set small goals when you first start playing. You can’t rush these games, but having said that you can certainly choose to run past a bunch of enemies you’ve already killed to get back to the boss fog.

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