The New Tomb Raider Is Also On The Old Xbox

The New Tomb Raider Is Also On The Old Xbox

Lara Croft’s latest adventure is primarily being marketed as a big, shiny treasure for the Xbox One. But Rise of the Tomb Raider is also out for the Xbox 360, too. It looks different, of course.

The biggest differences seen in the last- and current-gen versions of Rise of The Tomb Raider come down to detail and textures. I played a bit of the 360 version today to see how the game fared on older hardware. At times, it seems like the lip syncing in cutscenes — which look just as they do on Xbox One — is a half-second off from matching the spoken dialogue. For the most part, Lara’s animations feel smooth and commensurate with the current-gen iteration. But her character model and the game’s environments don’t look quite as alive on Xbox 360 as they do on Xbox One.

The videos above show the Lost Tomb area from early on in the game. The variation in lighting on the last-gen version is striking, especially when scenes are bathed in an ambient glow compared to the moodier spot lighting on Xbox One. Lara’s face and hair looks markedly different, too; her cheekbones don’t stand out as much and the movement of her locks comes across as stiff and unnatural.

Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox 360 is still a very good-looking game for the platform. But seeing it run on the Xbox One makes the aesthetic upgrades that the game gets on Xbox One seem almost like magic.


  • What a world we live in when this is the quality of graphics we have to “compromise” and endure.

    Maybe it’s just because I’ve been playing a lot of older games recently, but I still managed to watch that whole trailer with the mindset of “wow, those graphics” as compared to “eww, those graphics”.

    The difference between a PC game and the PS1 version in the late 90’s was huge. Nowdays, it seems even those who can’t afford latest and greatest tech will still get an incredible experience. What a world…

    • I feel like articles like these pander to that mindset, it might actually not be THAT bad, it’s just the expectation that kids and readers will over-analyse and emphasis the point anyway so it’s all hyperbole.

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