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Amazon. Green Man Gaming. Steam. Good Old Games. Humble Bundle. Wherever you look today, chances are you'll see a sale and a fat discount.

But not everyone has had the time or wherewithal to consider how hard they would like to throw their wallet at their monitor. So to help out, here's a cross-section of cracking deals on video games that are worth your time.


4K? That's nothing. If you want to get serious about pixels, you're going to need to go higher. Much higher. Like, uh, six gigapixels. I know that sounds made-up, but it's not. Honest. There's even a website called "Gigapixel Gaming" that's filled with super-mega-resolution stills from popular titles. The most recent addition? This stunner from Rise of the Tomb Raider.


Rise of the Tomb Raider is the best action-adventure game of this generation, a game that effortlessly balances great gameplay with puzzles that feel more naturalistic than artificial. As if that weren't enough, the levels are awesome, exploration is a blast, and the game's great at encouraging a sense of completionism. There's just one problem: Lara Croft is boring.


This headline is not a joke. ALDI. The budget supermarket, which is great for $8 pre-marinated pork sirloins, $5 bottles of wine for cooking and litre jugs of custard so cheap it represents a severe risk to my health, has the best Xbox One deal you'll see for a while.

Actually, it might be the best Xbox One deal there has ever been.


NVIDIA might be crowing about how their GeForce GTX 1080 is the new king of graphics cards, but for many gamers their interest lies more in the smaller Pascal sibling -- the GTX 1070.

We don't have an Australian price or release date yet. But after spending just over an hour with the card, I have something that's equally useful: benchmarks.


On a popular torrent site, Fallout 4 has been downloaded nearly 140,000 times. Nearly 200 people are downloading right now, as I write this. AAA or indie, Fallout 4 or Super Meat Boy, it doesn't matter. Piracy is inevitable. But a torrent doesn't appear out of thin air.


More than two months after release, it's still not possible to pirate Just Cause 3. The same is true for Rise of the Tomb Raider, released for PC in late January. Cracking computer games used to be measured in hours or days, but now, it's turning into weeks and months. The nature of piracy is changing in a big way.