The Steam Controller Just Got Another Big Update

Briefly: The Steam controller just got another big update. Now in open beta, the update allows you to register your Steam controller for easy access to your configurations anywhere. It also adds a selection of adorable chime noises for when you power it on. Watch PocketEngi's video of them above. I'm especially partial to "triumph".


    And yet it still says "Coming Soon" on the Steam page for the Controller for Aussie gamers.

    As does the Steam Link :/

      I bought one from Amazon. Paid the extra to get 3 day delivery.

      Kinda regret it TBH. Easily my least favourite controller out it SC, DS4 and X1C. Picking up the X1C Elite for Xmas - might as well just burn the rest ;)

      Note: The SC is okay - I just hate the fact that trackpad + gyro control seems to be the only competitive setup for FPS. Nowhere near as relaxing as sticks.

        I'm with this guy. I'm not a fan of the controller at all. Also chinesefood the elite is so good, so very good :)

        I also bought mine from amazon recently and at first I hated it. But I then downloaded the top controller configuration for fallout 4 (can't remember the name) and it added a lot more accuracy and better movement for the touch pad and I now find the controller very nice to play with

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    Maybe the Steam controller is one of those things that once it hits gen 2 will rock.
    When they went haptic track pads I went "YES!" as someone with nice dexterity should be able to own with it over thumb sticks.

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