They Won’t Let Naruto Die

They Won’t Let Naruto Die

The Naruto manga ended this year. I was happy about that.

Now they’re bringing it back for some reason. That reason is probably money.

Warning: Anime watchers: I may accidentally drop some Naruto spoilers in the post. Be warned.

I’ve been reading Naruto for years. I’ve watched it go from a charming, well-pitched story about insecurities, friends and gloriously inventive battle sequences to mediocre, run-of-the-mill Shonen tale of power levels, deus-ex machina and retro-active continuity that makes absolutely zero goddamn sense.

In short — Naruto trundled towards its mediocre ending in 2015. Despite not being all that great, I was so invested in Naruto the characters that I bought it hook, line and sinker.

But then…

Now Shonen Jump has announced a new Naruto manga, which follows the escapades of Boruto, the son of Naruto.If you think this sounds like a bizarre parody, well it’s not. It’s real. Very real. And it’s canon.

(The name Boruto is supposed to sound like Bolt, and is sort of a Japanese pun which makes it better, but also kinda makes it worse.)

Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto won’t be writing the manga, that thankless task falls upon the head of his former Editor.

I’m going to read this, and I’m going to hate myself for it.

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  • I guess it’s not really a surprise given the popularity of the short 10 chapter series preceding the Boruto movie. That and the way they’re determined to squeeze every single drop of cash out of the fillers before showing the last few episodes of the anime.

    • Fillers are killing me. Been watching Naruto for nearly a decade and they need to cut this filler out -_-

      • Don’t worry soon enough they will release a series without the filler garbage like they did with Dragonball Kai. Heres to hoping anyway.

  • I feel pretty much the same Mark except for the last line. I finished Naruto because I had to see how it finally ended, all this nonsense after that (2 movies, mini-series’, now a whole new Manga series)…. I don’t even care anymore, it’s over in my mind.

  • I’d rather they continue to milk the franchise like this than doing whatever horror Kubo is doing to Bleach because holy crap that series has gone to complete and utter trash.

  • Kishimoto has a terrible, terrible habit of creating a few awesome characters, then either straight up killing them off or shoving them off the stage to make room for whichever new form Naruto and Sasuke want to use this week.

  • Saw this coming when the Boruto mini series was announced. There was no way Shonen Jump would allow one of their biggest cash cows to actually end. They made that mistake with Dragon Ball and haven’t allowed it to happen again. Just look at One Piece, it’s still going even though I don’t think the crew have actually been anywhere near water in years, not to mention I think the “lets find one piece” storyline disappeared somewhere before the time skip

  • @markserrels wow, you and i could be twins with our attitudes towards Naruto.
    so invested in the characters because we have been from the beginning that we are going to read it because we love them like the ungrateful, pain-in-the-ass, little shits they are. they feel like the kids we just love, whether they’re shit or not.
    grrr, i too am going to hate myself for reading it, clinging to hope it will get better, enjoying the nostalgia, even through the shit story lines and poor character developments.
    please please please let the be no power level bullshit again, that last arc was so painful to read and made fuck all sense.

  • “I’ve watched it go from a charming, well-pitched story about insecurities, friends and gloriously inventive battle sequences to mediocre, run-of-the-mill Shonen tale of power levels, deus-ex machina and retro-active continuity that makes absolutely zero goddamn sense.”

    Amen. Naruto was one of the worst EVER cases of something that was once so utterly awesome (the pre-timeskip stuff was one of the very best shonen manga ever) going completely and utterly garbage. By the end, I was just reading to see Naruto and Hinata get together (because I’m sappy like that); The Last was a really good movie, but the last few dozen chapters of the manga were AGONISINGLY bad. I still firmly believe that Masashi Kishimoto died and was replaced by a ghost writer shortly after the timeskip because the manga that came after that had little to NOTHING in common with what had come before.

  • Fully agree with the author’s description of the original series. How awesome those fights were when Naruto and other characters had to figure how to use the few or comparatively weak powers they had in ingenious ways to defeat someone leagues more powerful.

    After the time skip it did become a neverending powering-up crescendo with a few exceptions (Sakura vs Sasori, Shikamaru vs Hidan, Sasuke vs Danzo), not to mention the ungodly amounts of filler. I kept watching only because it still provided good emotional highs from time to time and because I’m invested in the characters and want to get closure after over 10 years of watching. But I’m frankly exhausted of it all. I don’t understand how there are still people around that can get hyped about this. (Kid yourself not, there are, or they would have not gone ahead with this. Boruto the movie was transparently a market research study.)

    Also, do I need to mention how spoilerific all this is for the people who are following the anime, not the manga?

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