Fable Legends Delayed Until 2016

Video: This may shock you, but Fable Legends isn't coming out in 2015 — the free-to-play online game has been delayed and the open beta will now start in autumn next year.


    Does anyone care?

      Let me guess, you're a PS4 fan?

        I have xbone and ps4, but I have been let down by fable on multiple occasions

          Fable 2 was the last time the series delivered a genuinely satisfying product.

            yeah fable 3 was very sub par. But thats only one bad game..... 2 out of 3 isn't that bad

              Your forgetting the kinect one that was on rails. The Journey. That's understandable though, it was very forgettable.

                You're right, i did forget that one but that wasn't really a true fable game. It was more Microsoft experimenting.

      Pretty much my whole family is hanging out for this one.

      Loved Fable 2. Disliked Fable 3 and have nothing good to say about Fable Legends. It looks like some experimental multiplayer game they thought would sell well if they gave the Fable name. It's so obvious.

    oh nooooooo.
    Maybe I would care if the game looked anything like the aspects of Fable I like or if the last two entries in the series weren't huge disappointments.

    I'm more interested to know what happened to SuperHot- that was supposed to be out this year also

    Am I the only person who instantly loses interest if a game is marketed as free to play online?

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