The Next Fable Is Called Fable Legends

There's a new Fable! Lionhead Studios is working on an exclusive new entry in its action role-playing series.

Called Fable Legends, the game is headed to Xbox One as an exclusive. You can play with up to three friends via co-op or alone with three A.I. companions. The game also lets you play as the villain, controlling the evil beasts as well as the various traps and tricks the heroes face.

The game also uses SmartGlass for tablets and smartphones, allowing players to track progress and read up on quests. Villains can use SmartGlass as a second screen, allowing both good and evil to play co-op on the same sofa.

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    I for one am excited play this. Tbh they have progressively got worst in terms of taking it in the direction I hoped it would go, but everyone deserves a 5th chance?

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    I still remember fable 1 and the utter disgust i felt after that game.

    For months as a teen i was dreaming about this game, i lived and breathed this game up untill its release. I believed the hype, i believed peter and all i got in return was a game i clocked in a single sitting and did not a single thing that had been promised, it was the biggest betrayal of a game I'd ever seen.

    Despite this i still enjoyed what it did offer, despite it only being about 1/5th as long as it should have been. Then the 2nd one was announce, a new more powerful console i thought, maybe i'll see what was promised the first time. Again I was burned by the wretched filth contained within that game, removing almost everything good from the first and so much more broken wank added.

    By the 3rd game I had learned my lesson, all it got was an EB freebie rent and that was all it deserved. The worst of the bunch, the game was first in line to conform to "hurrrrrrdurrr must reach wider audience" by butchering it down to 1 button. If that wasn't enough the last remnants of the original was ripped out and tossed aside and the only redeeming thing was the allure of being a king, all 20 seconds of it before the game ended...

    By the time the stupid kinect game was announced I was laughing hysterically. You want to split in the face even more of this once promising brand by keelhauling it with a broken tech like Kinect. Of course as soon as it was released this game bombed.

    I honestly thought it could get any worse at this point, all the potential of Fable 1 had been ripped apart mutilated, buried and rotting away only for the grave to be desecrated once again with the abomination that was that arcade nightmare.

    Now, they have the gaul, to make yet another and even announce it without a scrap of real game play footage. I swear to god i hope they all die a painful horribly disease ridden death if it is not a master piece, i dont think any franchise has been so utterly ruined in all gaming history.

      I, like you, was obsessed about the first Fable pre-launch. I got it for my birthday and at that moment I just wanted everyone at my party to leave so I could play it alone. The opening did not disappoint, I felt like I was at the beginnings of a grand adventure. As it turned out, no, the game wasn't everything it could of been. I was expecting more incidental gameplay, less bottlenecking, a more open world, certainly a longer story, more freedom to develop my character.

      But do you know what? I played through it. And when I was done, I played through it again, and again after that. Exploring all the permutations of the characters I could create. There was a mystery to the world, it felt like it had been there for ages. There were all these remnants of the Old Kingdom, and staring out over the knee high fences that blocked you into a pretty tunnel, you could see forests begging to be explored, lakes and mountains. You wanted to go further in this world than it would let you. And while that's frustrating, it also made me fantasise about what the next Fable would bring. The music, when you first stepped into Greatwood, I'll never forget that. Not since Final Fantasy VII has music touched me like that, been so much a part of the experience.

      Then Fable 2 came out, and it significantly broadened the world, the spaces to explore, and the things you could do. There were certainly flaws, just like the original. I always felt unsatisfied with how it kept trying to push the timeline forward, Fable always seemed best when it was in this old world fantasy setting, not the industrial age. The expression system was really broken overall especially. But yeah, Fable 2 had so many amazing things too, there was so much to do.

      Fable 3, yes. There's not much that you could say you liked about that game, it was definitely a step backwards.

      But look at Legends, it's back to the old world, the graphics (they have released two screenshots so far) look amazing. Sure, you pick from predetermined heroes, but all the press stuff says this is definitely Fable, and it's not some half-baked spin off idea, so I hope there's a lot of depth to the story and length to the campaign. I know it's not going to be the Fable I wanted, and it sounds like a lot of drop in, drop out, Diablo-esque play, but i'm glad it's not an MMO, and i'm cautiously optimistic that it will be fun to play regardless.

      To wish death upon the developers for changing the game so much, for disappointing you? I mean, come on. This is why nobody takes people who play games seriously yet, because of these sorts of vitriolic reactions. It sucks when something you love changes, gets ruined, but that's life. That is literally everything in life. Especially in creative fields. Because you want them to be the person they were when they caught your attention forever, but they can't do that, they can't delay their development and growth as a creative, even if it is in the wrong direction. They are living breathing people too.

        You clearly missed my point, but anyway.

        The world dictates all sequels except the 1-1000000000 that prove the rule, will suck and as such so will this game. At this point in time just the word Fable has negative connotations they should just leave its corpse alone and start anew.

    It isn't a proper Fable if Peter Molyneux isn't around to promise that it will cure cancer (unlike the last Fable, which was clearly awful).

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