The Fable Card Game Is Coming Out In July

The Fable Card Game Is Coming Out In July

Last year, to the surprise of many, Microsoft closed down renowned British studio Lionhead. Fable Legends, a multiplayer entry in the fantasy RPG series, went down with the ship. Fable is not, however, entirely done. Fable Fortune, a card game spin-off developed by ex-Lionhead employees, is coming out next month.

Fable Fortune is coming to Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access on July 11. It will allow you to play PVP or co-op, and you’ll be able to try out longtime Fable mechanics — including a good and evil alignment system — in card game form. Expect lots of jokes about chicken kicking.

Originally, Fable Fortune, with the blessing of Microsoft, tried its luck on Kickstarter, where it seemed on track to fall well short of its £250,000 ($US322,733 ($429,723)) goal. Fortunately, the ex-Lionhead folks at Flaming Fowl said they managed to secure outside funding, and thus development continued on.


    • i mean if you can’t make your kickstarter funding……????

      Get the message

      Fable is over

      • Pretty much, I mean I enjoyed the games but I can’t remember a single fucking thing about the ‘Fable universe’, none of the characters were truly memorable.
        At this stage the Fable name is more likely to hurt a game.

    • Let’s see. There’s Pub Games which doesn’t really count since it’s just a browser level game built to sell Fable 2. Fable Heroes which was cool but probably should have been either a physical board game instead of an XBLA game or just a straight up XBLA brawler, as long as it doesn’t interrupt production of the next main series game.
      Then there’s Fable The Journey which was also a good game but desperately needed a Wii remote instead of Kintect. Honestly I wouldn’t even consider it a spin-off. It’s completely different to the rest so it is, but story-wise it’s probably the most important entry in the series. It was a huge mistake taking the key notes of Fable 4 and slamming them into Fable The Journey.

      Finally we’ve got Fable Legends. That game was actually really good when you had a group together, playing the very different Heroes instead of just stab and shoot was awesome, but ultimately it was just another entry in a flooded genre. Most importantly it wasn’t Fable 4.

      I still can’t believe Microsoft put down good money to attempt to make Fable the XBOX’s Zelda, then went completely off the rails when the third game didn’t go perfectly. The plan was so simple. Make one Fable game per generation. Maybe two if the first is a launch title. Have Lionhead working on them non-stop so you can have these big flashy Fable games that show everyone what an XBOX can do. It doesn’t matter if they don’t make money every time.

  • Fable fans and Firefly fans are all the same, its done, there is no more. Its game over man.

  • Not cool, Nathan. You don’t put a picture of Jack of Blades on the front page of Kotaku unless you’re talking about a non-broken remake of Fable or a prequel. I want to hear about the card game but that picture is just twisting the knife.

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