Watch The 25-Year-Old PC Version Of Super Mario Bros. 3 In Action

Video: It's long been a game development legend that the creators of Doom made their own version of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the PC ages ago. Today, we get to see what it looked like. Like almost everyone working in video games in the 1990s, John Carmack and John Romero were big fans of Nintendo's output. But the pair responsible for the classic first-person-shooter went further than most admirers and built a PC demo version of the 1988 adventure featuring the company's mascot. Romero shared a clip of the demo today on social media. This is the technology that would go on to power id Software's own platformer Commander Keen. So, yeah, this is a pretty cool piece of history.


    Oh man, I've come to the conclusion that sound and music makes the Mario games. Looks great, but it all feels off without the iconic sound design. :)

      Physics are also hugely different but yeah the lack of Mario sound is huge.

    I can definitely see traces of Commander Keen in it as well. That help screen especially appears almost unchanged in Keen.

      Not to mention those Commander Keen sound effects!

    Oh god, reminds me of so many terrible Mario clones I'd come across as a kid.

    Wow i didnt know there was a connection between mario and commander keen.
    I love dangerous dave thankyou mario

    Yeah it was made to be a demonstration that true side scrolling could be done on PC at the time which wasn't in any games due to difficulties. This was intended to try and get licensing from Nintendo to perhaps to a PC version but was ultimately rejected. The technology remained and they did the Keen games from there on out.

    It's covered in the book "Masters of Doom":

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