Acer Targets Modders And Streamers With Upgraded Gaming Laptops

Acer is set to kit out its Aspire V Nitro “Black Edition” laptops with Intel’s latest RealSense 3D camera, enabling features that a new generation of streaming and modding gamers would kill for. Announced at CES this week, the V Nitro is set to be the first gaming laptop to include Intel’s new and improved camera.

The RealSense 3D camera combines a 1080p HD camera with infrared technology to measure distance and track movement. Intel’s newest iteration of the camera can sense an increased distance of up to 1.5 meters from the laptop, and has also improved its gesture tracking, control and object recognition. One of the most appealing functions of this tech for many aspiring game streamers is the ability to intelligently filter and remove backgrounds without having to set up a green screen. Even when being used as a regular 2D camera, the RealSense can operate at HD resolution at 60 fps, enabling high quality video streaming.

The camera can also be used as a 3D scanner to scan your own face into a game (hopefully with more success than earlier disastrous attempts at this technology) or for scanning real life objects into your computer to integrate into 3D models and game mods.

It’s still early days for this kind of camera technology in PC gaming, although it’s likely that gesture and movement tracking in particular will become more of a priority for gamers thanks to the rise of VR gaming. Some developers have already started integrating the RealSense’s capabilities into their games as well, such as Nevermind — a psychological horror game which tracks your expression to intelligently respond to your emotions.

The RealSense Camera will be available on both the 15-inch and 17-inch models of the Aspire V Nitro Black Edition. Acer hasn’t specified when the RealSense-fitted V Nitros will arrive in Australia, though they’re slated for a February release in North America as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. US prices start at $US1100, which works out to around $1535 with current exchange rates.

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