Hand Of Fate, Gears Of War 2 Headline Xbox's Games With Gold For February

Hand of Fate, Gears of War 2 Headline Xbox's Games With Gold For February

Not long after Sony announced what's coming next month, Microsoft has followed suit, with four games that will come out across Xbox One and Xbox 360. Remember, as with PlayStation Plus, these games aren't actually "free". They require an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold to download and access them.

With Xbox One, though two of the games are Xbox 360 games, backwards compatibility is flipped on for every game that's made part of Games With Gold.

Anyway, here's the lineup!

Xbox One

  • Hand of Fate
  • Syx: Master of Shadows
  • Sacred Citadel
  • Gears of War 2

Xbox 360

  • Gears of War 2
  • Sacred Citadel


    I can't remember if I ever played gears 2.

      2 and 3 sort of blur together as far as the campaign goes. It's the one with Dizzy and the trucks, then you go to the secret complex and it rains. It introduced a ton of new stuff mechanic-wise and was the first to have Horde mode. Horde mode was a bit basic back then compared to Gears 3. The multiplayer match making was (if I remember correctly) a bit broken at launch which sort of killed everyone's enthusiasm for online play.

        I'll always remember it as the one where you get eaten by an enormous worm and have to fight out of its belly, like some kind of Innerspace crossed with 2000AD. It was fun.

        Also - it's the one with the deep Dom sad moment....

        Yeah, I think Gears 1 ended so abruptly (because there was a level dropped before the final level on the train that shows how you get there instead of suddenly just appearing there for the boss fight) so we automatically want to fill in the gaps with something. Most of my Gears of War memories probably come from 2, though Gears 3 had some amazing highlights.

    Also - it's probably worth noting, and correcting in the OP - the 360 games remain yours to play even if your subscription isn't active - across XBO or 360. Unlike PS+. The "ownership" of XBO titles works the same as PS+ though.

    Hand of Fate is one of the raddest games i've played this generation. Can't wait for the sequel. It's good to see Australian developers really finding their footing with this new generation of consoles.

      It's been on my bucket list of gaming for a while. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

    Good choices on the Xbone as those are games which sound good but I probably wouldn't have shelled out for them on account of being very different to what I normally go for, so who knows might discover something new!

    The 360 choices though indicate that the BC program might be running into a snag (other that or it's very work intensive meaning it slowed down over the holidays)

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