The PlayStation Network Is Having Some Issues

The PlayStation Network Is Having Some Issues

Briefly: If you’ve had trouble accessing PlayStation Network the last few hours, Sony’s aware of it, too. There’s no timeline for when PSN might come back online, but you can continue to monitor its status on this website. We’ll be keeping an eye out.


  • Actually haven’t seen many issues with PSN of late, it’s been pretty good. XBL/PSN didn’t get destroyed over Christmas either. So either the DDoS script kiddies are bored, or someone’s improved something somewhere.

  • So does PSN being down mean you can’t use other non-PSN services on PS4 e.g. Netflix or YouTube or whatever? It shouldn’t, but I’ve got a nasty feeling that it does…

    • Yes if you registered your ps4 as your main system before the outage. As I did not know this and didnt do this, I cant use anything download from the store (netflix included). Basically I have a nice brick plugged into my tv at the moment.

      • You can’t use it if you DID register your PS4? Or if you didn’t? It would make even less sense if it works on a PS4 that is not your primary but doesn’t work on your primary, given that other stuff (i.e. games) work the other way around – you can play offline on your primary PS4, but not others.

        Either way, it just makes absolutely no sense to me that you can’t use online services completely unrelated to PSN without signing into PSN. I don’t think you can even use the damn web browser (not that you’d want to since it’s shit anyway).

        • I only really use the Web browser for Netflix… I can’t say it’s troubled me much. But it’s weird if you can’t use Netflix outside of your PS4, surely if you have a Netflix account, that’s all you need?


          • Yeah, you can use Netflix on any other device (PC or phone or tablet or whatever) without any issues, it’s just on PS4 that it won’t work without signing into PSN. I’m not sure if PS3 is the same – it used to be the case that your PS3 would work quite happily with other services without being signed into PSN, but I haven’t tried it for ages so I don’t know if that’s still the case or if they’ve updated it to insist on a PSN connection now, too.

    • Yeah. At least I’m back at work now, hopefully it’ll be all sorted out by the time I get home tonight 😛

  • What are they doing with my PS+? Why am I forced to pay for a service that seems to go down the same amount when it was free?

    • Because it doesn’t matter what money you throw at it, there’s not much that can be done against DoS attacks. Even Steam suffered from them over Christmas, despite having back-up servers to counter them.

  • The service seems to be back online and operational, wonder if there will be a press release on what caused the outage. Very hopeful.

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