PlayStation Network Is Down For Maintenance For The Next 14 Hours

Regularly scheduled maintenance on the PlayStation Network was postponed on Thursday and will begin right now. The service will be completely offline until about 5am EST (9pm AEDT).

The maintenance extends to the PlayStation Blog itself, so if you're looking for updates on the network and when it may return, follow the official PlayStation Twitter feed, which will send a notice when PSN is back online.

Once maintenance begins, everyone will be booted off PSN and will be unable to sign in. Further, PSN-enabled Web sites will be unable to serve users. Basically, any PSN site that you can sign into will be down.

PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday [PlayStation Blog]


    i want to play gt5 sigh

    No invasions while I progress through Dark Souls today, yes!

      Just logout before you pass the main menu, and choose offline mode ;)

    Hope its going show vita trophy's on the ps3.

    Wow since the network is down, I went outside and the graphics are awsome, and everything is in 3D, lucky I didnt have a gun as I may have shot everthing that moved. Too Much MW3 i guess.

    its monday and its still down! THATS it am trading this junk for a 3ds.

    i still want to play BLAK OPS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn sony, you just had maintenance on Sunday, and now 2 days later!? This is getting out-of-control. I had just bought Soul Caliber 5 saturday night and so far, only had 3 full games online completed before Sunday. I've been trying to log on ever since with no avail. I know sony needs time to update itself, but c'mon man, surely sony's a big enough company to update while having at least the online components of a game (not exactly the PSstore) intact to some degree.

    This is crap, Yesterday no problem and down again tonight. I hear an xbox calling me !!!!

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