In 1994, Vin Diesel Was Selling Street Sharks At Toy Fair

In 1994, Vin Diesel Was Selling Street Sharks At Toy Fair
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Look, Vin Diesel wasn’t born a star. From break-dancing to his own short films, the guy had to work real hard to get where he is today.

One such early gig, which popped up on Twitter today, involved being the hype man for…Street Sharks merch at the 1994 Toy Fair.

This is so cool. He is so into it, beating the crap out of Ninja Turtles every chance he gets. If I’d been at Toy Fair and I’d been subjected to this pitch, I’d have bought every Street Sharks thing a store could buy, and then some. Hell, maybe Vin Diesel is the reason Street Sharks toys ever made stores at all.

Bonus: every time he says “fintastic” it sounds like “Vintastic”.

Also, here’s are his the aforementioned break-dancing and short film endeavours, because we know you’re curious.


      • Anyone who likes Matt Mercer’s dungeon mastering here should check out Critical Role, a series on Geek and Sundry with a group of voice actors playing D&D. Mercer is one of the best DMs I’ve ever seen and the series is excellent.

        D&Diesel was okay, but it was far too short to really shine. Although Vin looked a little subdued during the session itself, afterwards he was practically gushing about how much he enjoyed it and wished he could just live there and play D&D forever.

  • I like this guy…despite fast and furious which I hate, and also his crazy insistence that Riddick’s universe needs to be a mega a1 Sci fi “thing”.
    Always seemed a little more genuine than your average celebrity.

  • That brought back memories of the 90s, when everyone was chasing the TMNT money with Biker Mice from Mars, Battle Toads, and yes, Street Sharks.

  • Vin Diesel is awesome. Furious Franchise is a bit schlocky, but Diesel is a massive proud geek and it’s awesome. D&D, WoW, etc..

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