What Are Your 2016 Gaming Resolutions?

What Are Your 2016 Gaming Resolutions?

The new year is here, which means its time to start on those big promises to ourselves. My 2016 gaming resolution is to finally finish all of the Legend of Zelda games. What’s yours?

Confession time. I’ve played every game in The Legend of Zelda series, but I’ve only finished two of them — A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo and its follow-up, A Link Between Worlds. I came dangerously close to completing Ocarina of Time back in the day and most recently got really far in the Windwaker remake for the Wii U, but I’ve never sealed the deal.

I watched someone else play through Twilight Princess, which does not count at all.

But hey, with Twilight Princess getting an updated version this year, now’s the perfect time. I’ve got the Gamecube version of Windwaker on tap, with the bonus disc that’s packed with more Zelda goodness. I am in a good place to get this done in 2016.

And no, that doesn’t include the CD-I games. Or should it? Hmm.

Either way, that’s my gaming promise to myself for 2016. Your turn! Is it time to attack your backlog? Will you finally get those last achievements in your favourite game? Tell us.

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  • -Actually play games I buy to a standard equivalent to the amount of money I spend on them
    -Spend less time gaming/be more selective and efficient with my time gaming
    -Buy less games

    • Most of my gamer friends work on a $1/hour value for money basis. So $100 game with 50 hours = not good value.

        • Or maybe you value time less?

          If I spend an hour playing a game and then realize it’s shit.. Doesn’t matter if I spent $1 or $100 on the game, I’ll think it’s bad value for money haha.

          • Maybe? I’m confused now ๐Ÿ™‚

            Journey would probably be the game that I feel delivered the best overall entertainment experience, even though it was a $25 game that lasted 90 minutes.

            The 1$ per hour gamers would never play it though, and that would be a shame.

            Also just realised I contradicted myself. Oh well

          • Don’t hate me for saying this, but I absolutely adored TimeShift.

            Bought it for $100 new. Grand total time from the time I hit the ‘install’ button to the time the credits rolled……….

            …….7 hours. Loved every single second.

          • I played that on launch and got distracted by other things and promised myself I’d get back to it.

            I fired it up earlier last year for the first time in probably damn near a decade.

            It… has not aged well.

    • Yes me too. With the arrival of my little girl. That’s my resolution as well. Time to be a dad full time and a gamer with what’s left which may not be much…..

  • 2160p! Ok. now that the obligatory pun is out of the way… ELEX is all I care about.. ELEX ELEX ELEX!!!!

  • Without the detail, my steam backlog and buying zero games till the end of the year or until I’ve finished the ones I actually want to play.

  • Play more, smaller games. I’d rather play a great 10 hour game and be done with it than some giant open world thing that takes that same 10 hours of entertainment and dilutes it across 40 or 50 hours. Even something like the Witcher 3 which I loved all (or at least most) of the hundreds of hours I put into it, I just watched a lot of other games pass me by because I was too busy with Witcher 3.

    So yeah… Play games that respect my time and the fact that I have other games to play and other things to do.

    • I like this – I’ve been getting into a few rogue like indies lately as I can have a self contained gaming experience in a short timespan. I enjoy the fact that these games are skill based vs grindy.

      You need to master the game, instead of leveling up to the point where it becomes a cakewalk.

      EG Fallout 4 vs Nuclear Throne.

  • PS – do we really need gaming resolutions now?

    Why not just play games guilt free. So what if you have a pile of shame, who cares if you don’t finish it.. just have fun, enjoy yourself.. isn’t that the point?

  • 1) stop playing online games because it is always lag’s fault when you live in Australia
    2) continue being awesome
    3) play something other than fallout 4

    • Yeah, ‘stop blaming lag’ is really an American thing. In Australia, 400ms is the norm for too many games.

  • Basically to stop playing massive games! I always do too many side quests and esoteric bullshit. I just can’t help myself,and end up getting tired of it before I complete it.

    Case in point: fallout 4. I’m level 50 and up to the last quests but can’t find the interest atm. I will at some point I guess.

  • I’m not going to pre-order anything. Even the day before release, so I can pre download. I have fast enough net now that it doesn’t matter.

  • My gaming resolutions are to

    -make a real effort to make a dent in my pile of shame before it grows even bigger.
    -Buy an HTC Vive and Playstation VR. and
    -Finally get around to building the gaming rig I’ve been meaning to get around to for the last few years.

  • I buy many games. I finish some. I don’t finish others. I don’t play any multiplayer.

    Pretty happy where I’m at, actually.

  • Dent the ol’ pile of shame. I’ve decided I am have to finish the (absolutely awful) Goo campaign from Grey Goo and finally get around to finishing Transistor before I am allowed to play Black Mesa.

    Also going to play through Tomb Raider and Max Payne 3 before I am allowed to buy any new games.

  • Make time for the RPGs I’ve started but never finished in recent years – Witcher 3, Pillars and SWTOR.

  • I actually seem to have managed to beat Fallout 4….didn’t explore everything or do all the side quests but I’m a bit burned out on it now so that can wait till next time.

    Considering I have $0 to spend on games atm it’s probably time I looked at the games I’ve bought and never played…especially the ones in humble bundles.

    • I’ve been doing this, and whilst I’ve found some pretty decent games, some of the stuff included in bundles is absolute garbage OR incredibly old and it makes me sad ๐Ÿ™

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