What Game Would You Fund With Your Powerball Winnings?

What Game Would You Fund With Your Powerball Winnings?

Hello! I'm Phil, and I've returned to Kotaku as your guest contributor for this lovely Monday. And I've got a very topical icebreaker to start the day off with.

As a relatively poor human being, I enjoy fantasizing about what I would do were I to suddenly become obscenely wealthy. As the Powerball lotto's jackpot has shot through the roof, to $US1.3 ($2) billion for this coming Wednesday's drawing, I've naturally been thinking about that a lot this week.

While the overall jackpot right now is $US1.3 ($2) billion, that's only if you choose to be paid over 30 years. An up-front lump sum payment, however, will get you $US806 ($1,159) million. Taxes will take about half that, leaving you with plenty more than enough money to pay to have the video game or movie or whatever of your dreams brought into existence.

So I've been talking with my friends about what we'd pay for, and last night I suggested to someone that I'd go to Konami and buy creative control of Metal Gear. Those who know me know I'm not really fond of that franchise, so why would I do that? Well, it's because one of Kojima's abandoned plans for Metal Gear Solid 5 sounded so incredible I would be sad if it were never brought to fruition.

That idea involves a game that focuses on the Cobras during World War II. If you played through MGS3, you know they were at Normandy on D-Day, and that The Boss was pregnant and gave birth to Revolver Ocelot on the battlefield. That plan was scrapped, obviously, but if I won Powerball I'd make it happen because that's too amazing to not exist. And it's exactly the sort of dumb vanity project that would be appropriate for somebody like me to blow lottery winnings on.

Now, I wanna hear what game you'd make happen if you suddenly had all that money. You can do anything you want! Go wild.


    Final Fantasy 13-4; Lightning Returns... again!

      Are you serious? You & me need to have 'The Talk©'

      You're a big boy now.

        Oh Ok, it could be FF 13-0; a prequel.

          That's not Heroes Doody!

    Depends what mood I was in.

    Atm I've been researching Phantasy Star & I wash they'd localise Online 2 & Nova, but I'd also like to see a return to its turn based roots.

    So that.

    I'd also love to see a new game play like Resident Evil 2, doesn't even need to be horror, just fixed views, tank controls & puzzles with fun back tracking.

    Im trying to think of a joke answer, but coming up dry.

    Real answer: that 1st person Avengers game that was cancelled. That game looked dope!

    F-Zero, Unirally 2, Stunt Race FX 2, F-Zero, Metroid II: Zero Mission, Elite Beat Agents 2.

    And maybe another F-Zero game.

      I was going to mention Unirally but I figured no one would have any idea what I was talking about. F-Zero and Metroid would be ace but I figure they will happen and Nintendo can fund it themselves :)

      But, I would also get on board with a new Snake, Rattle 'n' Roll, Contra or Ghost's 'n' Goblins.

        Crap, I didn't even think of that.

        Scrap everything. I am relieving Konami of Contra, Castlevania and Bomberman. At the very minimum. May see about visiting Capcom for a few other rescue missions too.

    My own. coz fuck you i'm a millionaire billionaire.

    Edit: ok. elaboration. i've had ideas for games, but i have no development skills or money to hire them.

    an RPG set in a silent world where you fight enemies by composing music at them (bit more to it than that, but whatever)

    a Dark Souls-ish like game where you body-swap with the enemies who kill you to use their skills / equipment.

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      half gets taken in tax rememeber. so no billionaire status for you.



          Only pre-existing ones, and they don't want company.

      a Dark Souls-ish like game where you body-swap with the enemies who kill you to use their skills / equipment.

      Sounds a bit like Messiah.

        i vaguely remember that game. though my idea is less choosing to possess & more mandatory.
        like, you cant level up to increase your stats, so you've gotta strategically die to get better.
        it'd make mobs of weak enemies really dangerous coz if one of em gets you, you're stuck in their body until you get killed by something more powerful.

        I'm also imagining that the more powerful an enemy is, the less useful outside of combat they are. like, a tank might be hard to kill, but they cant open doors or use magic etc. i imagine you'd wanna hang onto the body of a creature that is balanced more than just going for pure OP in one area.

    Well since its a US lotto, no chance of winning. But! I would totally fund Half Life 3! And some kind of ARG that would lead up to its release.

    Full throttle 2. Bring back the Lucas Arts classics

    Among other things, but the first one would definitely be some sort of Dark Souls Star Wars game. Essentially you wake up in a tomb on Korriban and don't know who(or what) you are and what you're doing there. Proceeding that there would be vast network of interconnecting tombs and hidden enclaves to explore. Game would be epic!

    Oh, Battalion Wars 3!

    And HotD Overkill 2. Or at least bring the extended edition over to Wii U.

    id resurrect Treasure and get them to bang out another game like Gunstar Heroes or Guardian Heroes.

      The humans behind those games made Code of Princess, a spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes, for 3DS a few years back.

      I'm a massive Mischief Makers fan :3

        holy shit! i didnt even know about Code of Princess. i just checked out the screen shots, looks like the reused A LOT of the Guardian Heroes levels and textures.
        i never played Mischief Makers, but yes, looks very similar art style to Gunstar and Guardian Heroes.

          Yeah, same artist on Mischief Makers completely different gameplay though.

          Code of Princess is digital only in pal regions :-(

            yeah noticed there are a lot being sold from the US and Japan, then couldnt remember if 3ds was region locked or not. but if its digital i may grab it for the right price. cheers.

              Sadly the 3DS is region locked so if you want a retail copy you'd need to import a US 3DS to play it. Don't do this. It's a pain in the ass to own two - speaking from experience.

              Code of Princess is okay. I had a lot of issues with the 3D on it though, it felt like it halved the framerate.

                sweet. cheers. i have a new 3ds, but dont give it a lot of love, so i dont really keep track of what i can and cant do with it. ive used the 3d feature a few times, but it starts to hurt after a short while. i probably wouldnt even bother with the 3d to be honest.

    I'd pay a competent company to make a game like DayZ properly.

    Waiting for the day someone does it right.

    Get Silicon Knights to revamp Eternal Darkness and develop a sequel.

    Persuade Nintendo to stop making Wii's because motion controls are a gimmick that has worn too thin (we all wanted to wield our sword and shield as Link such that he would mimic our exact movements; you gave us Skyward Sword; you failed; it's time to return to gamepad controllers like everyone else and produce a console with the power to rival everyone else).

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    Destiny with some Mass Effect style story-telling and characters and an open world with some actual persistence (an actual one - not a 4-player lobby with some static near-instant mob spawns in it).

    Red Dead sequel just for MEEEEEEE. Rockstar probably needs more money right?

    I'd give some to the guys that are doing Path of Exile and Don Bradman cricket. I'd love to see both those titles with even more backing behind them.

    Shower With Your Friend's Mum Simulator... in VR... With an awesome character creator that will let you actually recreate your friend's mum. Then when your friend comes over to check out your sweet Oculus Rift, BAM! He's showering with his mum. Best multimillion dollar prank ever.

      Playing the long game, I like the idea. MILF Online could work... Ashley Maddison for the Occulus Rift.

    Pay off Star Citizen to stop feature creep until it's a working released game.

    Remake legend of dragoons...

    Build a working fusion reactor, and then use the funds raised from that to buy out apple, microsoft, hollywood, disney and EA. and make whatever the F**K I want.

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