You Can Run Around Fallout 4 In Kerrigan's Bodysuit

There's a kind of thematic logic to a space-age survivor running around the wastelands of Bethseda's games. The majority of the planet died, much has been reduced to ash. So, sure, of course someone would land on the planet and run around in Kerrigan's bodysuit.

It's a bodysuit based on Kerrigan's form from StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, following her conversion from the Zerg in the aftermath of the Wings of Liberty campaign. It's the modern version of a ghost suit, her original role in StarCraft 1 (until her capture in the Terran storyline) — and it looks pretty damn authentic.

Keep in mind we're talking about a fictional item here, but still, if I saw that suit pop up in a SC2 cut-scene it wouldn't look out of place. (If anything, the only reason it'd look out of place is because the textures are superior to everything else around, but I'm being cheeky.)

The bodysuit's available now from Nexus Mods, and the maker stresses that it's only available for the female model right now because "the female version alone has taken enough of my time".

Guffeh, the modder responsible, says users either need to craft the "Kerrigan Bodysuit" at a chem station or via the console:

  • Craft 'Kerrigan Bodysuit' with a chem station, under the 'Utility' section.
  • Alternatively, use console commands to spawn the item.
  • Bodysuit ID: XX000800
  • White Collar ID: XX000805
  • Black Collar ID: XX000809
  • (XX=Load Order)

The latest patch has added black and white collars, and high resolution glow and specular maps have been added since release to smooth out the jagged textures. You can find all the installation notes and everything else you need here.


    Damn. That’s a must-have.

      I came in here for an explanation & I'm leaving disappointed

        What's to explain? It's a Fallout 4 mod that gives you Kerrigan's suit! :D

          Kerrigan's identity for a start

            Oh, damn dude. She's one of the central characters in the StarCraft series.


              We don't have Star Craft in the slums

                Someone get this man a StarCraft battlechest, STAT!

                  Psssst (best to get me a PC of some kind)

                I keep forgetting that you are a PC'less heathen.

                  It's hard to keep up on my salary.

                  My craptop was top of the line when I bought it a decade ago ;-)

                You may need to re-think your life choices. Do you really need to support your loving family when you could be playing slightly better video games than the ones you play now?

                  Slightly? Hmmmm, now that changes things *calls divorce lawyer*

    Never noticed how MASSIVE Kerrigan's gstring is till now. Its almost a goddamn mankini or an atomic wedgie.

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