Dark Souls Player Beats Game Without Getting Hit

Dark Souls Player Beats Game Without Getting Hit

People have finished Dark Souls in a number of bizarre ways, from tapping bongos to flipping the perspective upside down. The most impressive yet, however, may be Twitch streamer The Happy Hobbit downing From Software's challenging action RPG without getting hit a single time. This isn't something The Happy Hobbit cooked up overnight. He's been trying (and failing) to make his way through Dark Souls without being hit for weeks.

Dark Souls Player Beats Game Without Getting Hit

With a sole exception, every video includes a mistake, a hit.

And boy, those mistakes hurt. Because The Happy Hobbit's challenge is so specific, he needs to be careful when playing. This means runs aren't especially fast, and so when he screws up, that means seven or eight hours are lost forever. The current speedrun record for Dark Souls is 45 minutes, 17 seconds.

This hit, which took place after seven hours of streaming, really hurts:

On the Dark Souls subreddit, Ivellis outlined all of the specifics for this run:

Dark Souls Player Beats Game Without Getting Hit

The run finally took place yesterday, with the victory hit coming around 4 hours, 57 minutes and 42 seconds into the stream. It's a beautiful moment.

Here's that accomplishment, in GIF form:

Dark Souls Player Beats Game Without Getting Hit

You know, I'm happy just having beaten Dark Souls, but that's not enough for everyone, and that's OK. Take a break, The Happy Hobbit. You've earned it.


    I wonder if the US has a problem with posts from Kotaku AU showing up from the future...

      i think they do, the only articles ive seen posted to US site have been when mark has done an editorial piece and erven then its usually been a week after he posted it here

    Ok that's impressive. Seriously impressive.
    But that 45 min speed run, is that achieved with a glitch? Or is it just dodging like an animal and chipping away at bosses with a shitty weapon kinda thing?
    I can't even begin to understand it!

      Nah, go watch speed runners. There's just some very crazy optimal routes and overpowered builds you can take advantage of.

        Actually at 45 mins I may do that, usually I'm not one for watching other people play but that's not long at all. It will help build my anticipation for number 3 too.
        Still...I understand it would almost be the only game they play, but I average over 100 hrs on playing those games thru so it's just crazy to me!

          Well the best speed runners have spent 1000's of hours playing the game. I was watching Dark Souls speed runs a few years ago before 2 came out and they were around the 1hr 30mins / 1hr 40 min mark back then. they were still investigating new routes, new builds etc and this is with extraordinarily high knowledge of the game even at that point. 45 minutes completely blows that out of the water but it also shows just how much there still was to learn.

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