Knights Of The Old Republic Gets Unreal (Engine 4)

Knights Of The Old Republic Gets Unreal (Engine 4)

It would have been interesting to see how far this progressed when Disney wasn’t in control of the Star Wars universe. Either way, that hasn’t stopped a group of fans from trying to rebuild one of the most iconic RPGs of all time — and perhaps Bioware’s finest work — in Unreal Engine 4.

Image credit: Apeiron/Poem Studios

It’s called Apeiron, and according to indie developers Poem Studios it’s a wholesome reboot of the original Knights of the Old Republic. “Apeiron is a remake and remastering of the original game with added content, new worlds, missions, HUD, inventory, items and companions,” the site continues.

The developers add that they’re allowed to produce the remake, but because of Disney’s ownership of the property Aperion has to remain free. They also referenced the fact that the Command & Conquer: Renegade and Half Life developers had no qualms with Black Mesa and Renegade X, although it remains to be seen whether Disney will give mods and modders the same degree of freedom and imprimatur with Star Wars.

KOTOR was publicly released in 2003, so it’s to be expected that an upgrade to Unreal Engine 4 will improve the graphics a notch. Here’s an early comparison screenshot, published on the Apeiron website.

There’s something about those hands on the left that remind me of The Talos Principle.

The developers are also releasing more in-progress shots on Twitter, recently showing off some of the loading screens and other environments.

If you want to find out more, follow the devs above or click through to the Apeiron website here where you can sign up for a semi-monthly newsletter. (They promised two updates a month, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be fortnightly.)


  • Never will understand why projects like this announce so much stuff so early into development. The risk of people getting excited to the point where they start heaving on criticism and the real risk of a take down notice coming to make you stop all work before you even start..

    I get it that they want the feels from the happy fans of the games to fan their development emotions. But surely, getting it done so that you can totally blow people away would be a far better outcome

    Take down notice? Get yourself hacked lot leak a copy. People will still play your game.

    • However if you’re worried about the takedown perhaps it’s better before you’ve sunk too much into it?

      Or maybe they just need fresh blood and are looking for volunteers.

      Or you’re right and they want the kudos to motivate them early on. Those feels man!

  • A “wholesome” reboot? … What, all the Darkside options will be removed?

    Where’s the fun in that?

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