The Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Rumours Are Back

The Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Rumours Are Back
Image: Knights of the Old Republic

Fans have been screaming at EA for years to remake Knights of the Old Republic. Even Disney and LucasArts seemed more keen on the idea, with all the chatter around a spin-off movie. And yet, finally, it seems like EA might have listened.

Talk about a KOTOR remake or remaster isn’t new. It’s been discussed internally amongst EA and Bioware Austin, the makers of The Old Republic MMO. Bioware Austin even put together a prototype a few years ago, but it wasn’t greenlit at the time and the studio’s resources were being diverted to help development on Anthem.

But with LucasFilm working on . The Jedi Knight games also got a Switch port towards the end of last year, too.

KOTOR originally launched in 2003, and along with its sequel it’s upheld as one of Bioware’s best traditional RPGs, next to Baldur’s Gate. Fans loved the project so much they tried to create their own KOTOR remake, only to get a cease and desist from EA’s lawyers.

It seems kind of staggering that it’s taken this long for KOTOR to return, given how long EA has held the Disney license, and the troubles they had making their own singleplayer adventures in the Star Wars universe. But with Jedi Fallen Order, the recovery of Battlefront 2 and no more shackles from the Skywalker era, EA might have started to find their groove. Let’s hope: if anything’s likely to be announced officially, it’ll happen during the EA Play conference just before E3.


  • I have bought KOTOR twice (PC and Android) and still haven’t got around to playing it on either. One day, maybe…

    • Same. And Xbox too.

      I think it’s the X1X version which will get me across the finish line. The enhanced visuals are pretty fantastic.

      • I’d highly recommend playing it on PC. Unless the Xbone version has mods enabled? The Restored Content Mod fixes the second game, which outshines the first in practically every way. I just finished a replay with it yesterday. Without the RCM, KotOR 2 is a buggy, unfinished mess (and that’s coming from someone who loves it unconditionally).

        • This is why Obsidian can be so frustrating at times. They release fantastic games but always seem to have problems with financing and deadlines. Hopefully the Microsoft acquisition will keep them on a good path from now on.

          I don’t have much faith for KOTOR 3 with EA controlling it.

        • I played KotOR2 on the Xbox, and there was no fan-saving of that initial release. I thought Xenogears’ second disk was the height of unfinished (since they ran out of budget) but Obsidian taught me otherwise.

        • Restored content mod definitely doesn’t fix the game – there are still loads of bugs in it, but it does help somewhat and also adds more content to the game.

  • Hope they let it exist in its own pocket universe instead of the hellscape it has become and bring a feature complete KOTOR2 (still the best) with it.

  • I loved KotOR back when it first came out on Xbox. Loved playing through, until I figured out it was one of those games where one choice near the end determined which set of endings you’d get so it really didn’t matter how you played up to that point.

    Sadly, whenever I’ve tried to replay it again in the last couple of years it just hasn’t done it for me and I haven’t gotten past the top level of Tarsis.

      • It’s not rose coloured glasses. At the time it was unique, engaging and a fun decent RPG set against a Star Wars story line post the prequels.

        Has it aged well? When looking at its spiritual successor Mass Effect, probably not. The pick an ending option is a problem that plagues almost every game like this. It’s rare you see a game that has an ending that was actually shaped on your choices throughout the game other than GOOD or BAD. Life is Strange 2 is an example that comes to mind that sort of did it right?

        If they did a FF7 Remake of this game with revamped gameplay, visuals and story / endings, then hell yeah I would be keen. The ME Trilogy is one of the best series of games I’ve ever played. Would love to see KOTOR be redone with similar graphics, gameplay and story revamped (and even ME suffers from the same GOOD/BAD ending at the very end -_-)

      • The love for the first one mostly comes from the way it uses several kinds of game tropes to subvert the expectations of the player and incorporate those tropes into story-through-gameplay, as well as a well developed twist. I don’t necessarily think it comes specifically from its story or gameplay, but rather the way they interact.

  • Just spent the weekend getting jedi knight to work with some enhanced mods on my laptop. If only it could handle the ai retexture pack from last year. Still a great game and Kyle’s pilot Jan is a total fox! Dunno how I forgot about that lol it’s been twenty plus yrs I guess

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