The Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Rumours Are Back

Fans have been screaming at EA for years to remake Knights of the Old Republic. Even Disney and LucasArts seemed more keen on the idea, with all the chatter around a spin-off movie. And yet, finally, it seems like EA might have listened.

Talk about a KOTOR remake or remaster isn’t new. It’s been discussed internally amongst EA and Bioware Austin, the makers of The Old Republic MMO. Bioware Austin even put together a prototype a few years ago, but it wasn’t greenlit at the time and the studio’s resources were being diverted to help development on Anthem.

But with LucasFilm working on . The Jedi Knight games also got a Switch port towards the end of last year, too.

KOTOR originally launched in 2003, and along with its sequel it’s upheld as one of Bioware’s best traditional RPGs, next to Baldur’s Gate. Fans loved the project so much they tried to create their own KOTOR remake, only to get a cease and desist from EA’s lawyers.

It seems kind of staggering that it’s taken this long for KOTOR to return, given how long EA has held the Disney license, and the troubles they had making their own singleplayer adventures in the Star Wars universe. But with Jedi Fallen Order, the recovery of Battlefront 2 and no more shackles from the Skywalker era, EA might have started to find their groove. Let’s hope: if anything’s likely to be announced officially, it’ll happen during the EA Play conference just before E3.

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