Sherlock Holmes, Borderlands Headline Games With Gold For March

Sherlock Holmes, Borderlands Headline Games With Gold For March

Here's what Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be getting next month.

As always, while these are often touted as "free" games, you need an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold in order to download anything. If you're playing on Xbox One, 360 games are also available, thanks to backwards compatibility.

Xbox One

  • Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishment (March 1-31)
  • Lords of the Fallen (March 16-April 15)

Xbox 360

  • Supreme Commander 2 (March 1-15)
  • Borderlands (March 16-31)


    Oh neat, I wanted to check out Crimes & Punishments.

    The Borderlands deal is literally Borderlands 1 on the 360? I know 360titls on offer are going to be less and less interesting as time goes on, but really? Who cares.
    My wife got the Handsome Collection on sale for like $20 yesterday so I would've been unsurprised, if slightly miffed, if 2 or the pre-sequel on Xbone were the ones going free instead.

    Hopefully Sherlock Holmes runs better than it did on PS3. I never finished it.
    Never played Borderlands, I've been waiting for it to go on Sale.
    Lords of the Fallen looks the most interesting though.

      I finished Sherlock Holmes on PS3 maybe a month back (got it previous year via PS+) and didn't have any performance issues...?

      Probably the most annoying part if you can't to back to a particular spot in a case if you wanted to go back and get a trophy - sure you can reply the case but if its something right at the end you missed you're looking at a hour+ of game play to get back to that point. Otherwise its a decent bit of detecting fun - if you're into that sort of thing. Some of the puzzles (the imagination ones) can be tricky in the not that much fun way.

      Hint: talk to the dog in every case.

        Fair enough, I played it when it first came to PS+. It just felt uncomfortable and frustrating to play. Super long load times and every interaction with the world just felt like the game had the hiccups. Not very well optimised for PS3 in my opinion. I always meant to go back to it but haven't really turned on the PS3 since.

          Agree on the game pacing - its slow, lots of dialog and walking about. The QTE at the end of each mission also seem forced. Oh, and Watson is there for some reason (comic relief?) and if I recall correctly you even get to control him in one mission. Still a decent freebie - nice to see XBone catching up to PS+ :)

    Can anyone tell me how to download the xbox 360 gold games on the xbox one? I seriously can never find them .... why they don't put them all on the same screen I'll never know.

      I generally use my 360 which is connected to the PC monitor... It might be able to be bought of the store on PC and then will show?

      Do it via the web site. Just to confuse things now, though, it will show up twice. The first result will be an xbone title that is "bundle only". You need to sift through to find the 360 version which will have a $0 purchase price.

        yeah i got to this point and every time i found the game it said bundle only. I wonder why they dont just put it on the some freakin screen as the free xboxone games. its so stupid it hurts

        Thanks guys

    Adored Sherlock Holmes, played it on PS4 and it's super more-ish despite being a bit low budget. There's a new one coming out "Spring" (Autumn) 2016, can't wait.

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