This Is How All Console Wars Should End

This is probably the best video game related GIF I've ever seen.

Consider the above image your warning. This is about to get sexy.

This is what happens when Mario asks you to his place for a 'party'.


I'm having a hard time finding the origin of this GIF. If you are the goddamn genius who made this please get in contact!


    Oh man! Sonic's eyes - it's like he's trying to eat Mario alive or something!

    You're having a hard time finding the origin of the gif? Oh the freak shit you must be seeing right now...

      I too have been to 4Chan.

      I wouldn't recommend it.

    Did you guys end up reporting on the Nintendo Account launch? Just a bit.....curious :D

      Is there even anything to report yet? Other than "well, you can sign up for it now I guess".

    I'm just glad that this isn't the Scribbletaku for today...

    I'm glad Sonic's arms arms are flesh colored. Otherwise I'd have to go mace a GameStop employee.

    Given the state of how Sega and Nintendo ended their console war, I think Sonic's getting off easy in this .gif. Hope he picked an easy safeword for what happens next.

    Omg as a child of the eighties this is fucking awesome LOL

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