A Modder Recreated Super Mario Odyessy's Sand Kingdom In Super Mario 64

Gif: Kaze Emanuar, YouTube

One of the best kingdoms from Super Mario Odyessy is now playable in Super Mario 64 and it’s all thanks to talented modder Kaze Emanuar.

We’ve featured this modder’s creations before on the site and his latest project is part of his plan to recreate Super Mario Odyessy inside of the classic N64 game, Super Mario 64. This weekend, Emanuar released a video showing off the recreated level and it looks great.

This isn’t just a level that looks a bit like the Sand Kingdom, but instead actually features many different elements from the original including the ability to use Cappy, the ability to zip around electrical wires and even a talking Sphinx who askes Mario different riddles.

Gif: Kaze Emanuar, YouTube

Emanuar has also recreated the Cascade Kingdom from Odyessy and is working to finish a large fan-game recreation of Odyessy in 64, featuring around 240-300 stars.


    Kaze has been featured on this site so often I’m surprised he’s still just “a modder” in headlines

    Never heard of this Super Mario Odyessy game. Sounds like Nintendo might have a case for copyright infringement, given they have a game called Super Mario Odyssey...

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