Today Is A Good Day To Buy Witcher And Assassin's Creed Games On Steam

This random little Steam sale continues to deliver. Today's highlights: a ton of games from the Assassin's Creed franchise and The Witcher franchise. If you were thinking about playing or buying these games? Today is the day!

Pretty much every Witcher game is on-sale right now, even that digital adaptation of the board game.

The Witcher is 85% off at US$1.49 The Witcher 2 is 85% off at US$2.99 The Witcher 3 is 50% off at US$29.99

Those seem like decent deals to me.

Assassin's Creed obviously has a crapload more games in its series, but they're pretty much all on-sale here. May I humbly recommend Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, 75% off at US$6.23. That game is probably still my favourite in the series.

Outside of that? The Tropico franchise is on sale, as is just about every Just Cause game you could name.

Have at it friends.


    The Witcher Wild Hunt is currently cheaper on Green Man Gaming for $25 USD.

    The sale is to celebrate the lunar new year.

    Is it worth playing Witcher 2 before i jump into 3?

      Witcher 2 is fantastic, so it's definitely worth your time! But it's not "required playing" if you'd prefer to jump straight to Witcher 3 as well!

        Thankyou! I think I'll definitely play 2 first while it's so cheap. Then I'll get to 3 on consoles once the price drops further (my pc won't handle it)

    Umm...the sale has been on for a week and the prices have been the same since day 1

    The sale ends Feb 12

    I thought I saw Steam had made it clear that daily deals are gone now and prices are the same for the whole sale

      Yup, Kotatku are actually the ones who brought it to my attention, but that doesn't help when it's a slow gaming news day, I guess.

      Yeah, Kotaku did the same thing with the Winter sale. Highlighting a few deals they think are good or as they show up on the front page etc.

    May I not recommend AC4 Black Flags on PC. I redownloaded it the other day and its pretty much broken. AC4SP.exe stopped working, unless you alt+tab as soon as it launches and wait a few seconds before enlarging it again.
    Don't even get me start on what it looks like @ 21:9.
    Nothings changed from 6 months ago when I first redownloaded it.

    Probably best to avoid the AC Rogue Unity pack since it's 50% off and the individual games are 60% off.

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