XCOM 2 Dream Team Is Ready To Roll

XCOM 2 Dream Team Is Ready To Roll

Briefly: XCOM 2 not only supports fan-made mods, but it's also quite easy to modify soldiers to look like someone familiar. Here's allmightyspaceduck's dream team of a Doomguy-looking Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, Marcus Fenix and Duke without muscles. They should be quite powerful together, but hey, it's XCOM, even they're gonna miss all of their targets.


    Needs a Shepard.

      Yeah that would've been better than Freeman I dunno I love Half Life but he just isn't as big of a bad ass to fill that squad.

      I'd personally swap Duke out for Shepard, and hell probably Marcus out for someone else I can't name at this point in time. I truly don't care for macho space marines, emphasis on the macho part.

        Captain Price. I don't care if he has no experience with aliens.

    problem with shepard is that he/she depends on the player so yeah freeman is recognisable so i see why the person went with it

    Get two more slots in there ASAP! Needs more Male AND Female Shephard!!!!

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