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It's just the base game, but the base XCOM 2 is still a cracker of a strategy game. And until early tomorrow, you can grab it for just under $21.


Long War was one of the first XCOM reboot's most popular and beloved mods, so much so that XCOM 2 ended up liberally cribbing notes from its playbook. Now there's a Long War for XCOM 2, and it's a doozy.


I totally get it. You're still recovering from December's barrage of sales and don't have the fortitude (or cash reserves) to spend more on games right now. However, if you're keen on Firaxis' XCOM 2 and passed on recent discounts, well, I have great news -- Humble currently has it on offer for $US12 (about $17 Australian).


Amazon. Green Man Gaming. Steam. Good Old Games. Humble Bundle. Wherever you look today, chances are you'll see a sale and a fat discount.

But not everyone has had the time or wherewithal to consider how hard they would like to throw their wallet at their monitor. So to help out, here's a cross-section of cracking deals on video games that are worth your time.


If, like me, you're not at PAX Aus and wondering what you were going to do with your Sunday, it's time to fire up XCOM 2 with a mate and get alien-slaying. Team Dragonpunk has just released its "Tactical Co-Op" mod for the game and while it's technically a beta, it's good enough to have fun with.


XCOM 2 is a phenomenal strategy game. The DLC Firaxis has released in its wake, on the other hand, has mostly been middling. Thankfully, Shen's Last Gift is straight-up good. It lets you improve the shit out of your squad. With mechs.