XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen, As Told By Steam Reviews

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is a turn-based Shakespearean tragedy generator, and also there are aliens. Steam users have been sharing their tales of devastation, woe, and, every once in a while, victory.

I was expecting to enjoy the expansion, but I had no idea just how much Shadow of Mordor-like personality it would add to XCOM 2's already excellent formula. The Chosen do, however, have a pretty significant impact on the game's tone, replacing the creeping dread of enemies unknown with purple space orcs who have faces and voices and feel more like traditional video game villains. As a result, opinions on War of the Chosen are more split than you might expect.


    Despite my reservations I bought the expansion and for the most part really enjoyed it. The review by KaioShin above does make some good points - by late game it had become laughably easy, and a real anticlimax once the chosen were taken out. I love a lot of the new additions but it's very front loaded difficulty wise - probably harder than vanilla or Enemy Unknown/Within - until certain items unlock and then it runs out of huff.One thing i'll disagree with (from that review) is that i think it's more than worth the asking price, I got an extra 100 hours out of a game I wasn't intending to go back to any time soon (I actually only played vanilla xcom 2 once as i didn't get on with it all that much).

    Very interested to see where they go next given the strong hints throughout the campaign that the aliens may not be the real enemy - won't say any more here for obvious reasons :)

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