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Join Garfield and his friends in the funniest fast and fur-ious game! What character do you want to play with? Garfield, Odie, Jon, Nermal... you choose! Take part in n o h o l d s b a r r e d c r a z y r a c e s.


On its face, Steam sensation They Are Billions appears to be about three of gaming's most-hallowed S's: survival, steampunk, and (s)zombies. That, however, is all just window dressing. Truth is, They Are Billions is a game about failure, which is where all the best stories come from. Steam users have been sharing some doozies.


One Steam review is a person shouting into the void. Two is an argument. A whole mess of them, though? That's a deep, dark look into the collective psyche of Steam users. In 2017, we rounded up the best reviews of the year's top Steam games and maybe, just maybe, learned a little something about ourselves in the process.


Having cut their teeth on the Gothic series and the Risen games, it was always going to be fun to see what Piranha Bytes did with a sci-fi RPG. And, for the most part, people seem like they've enjoyed themselves.