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If you’re the sort of person who sees packs of animals majestically gallivanting about in forests or on the National Geographic channel and thinks “I need to manage those,” you’re in luck: Planet Zoo is now out on Steam. But does it have Steam users squawking, or do they want to lock it up and throw away the key?


It’s not every day that a series with as much legacy and history as Destiny suddenly orbital-drops onto Steam. This has resulted in a horde of Desti-neophytes rushing to see what all the fuss is about. Are they enjoying diving into the deep end of Bungie’s loot ocean of a game, though? Yes and no.


Edgy dating simulators aren't a new addition to Steam's repertoire but often, they don't trend over recent AAA releases like Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Furry dating simulator, BlushBlush, seems to be the exception to that rule.

The early access idle game allows you to date attractive anime husbandos, who've been cursed with a dark spell. Cue the mysterious music. That spell is, of course, being a furry and can only be broken by the power of love. Your love. It's really the most natural response to its sister game, the flirty time-waster, Crush Crush.


If you look at the most played "games" on Steam, you'll probably know most of the top 25. But just outside of that, with more "players" than Elder Scrolls Online, Arma 3, Skyrim and Fallout 4, is ... a game about wallpapers.


Imagine you're part of the resistance, but the resistance has really low standards so they'll take anyone. Like a gorilla that wants to spawn an army of smaller gorillas, or a doctor that just goes around cholorforming the public. That's kind of what Streets of Rogue is like.


Are you someone who still battles in video games by using your fingers to directly input commands, like some kind of barbarian? That’s old hat. Today, auto-battlers are all the rage. Simply buy some guys, arrange said guys, and they (the guys) will do the battling for you.

With Dota Underlords, Valve rushed to capitalise on the trend that began with a user-created mod of its own game Dota 2. So far, Underlords’ speedy turnaround seems to have paid off.


Games with good swordplay are rare. Multiplayer games with good swordplay are rarer still, like Excalibur of Arthurian legend. It’s no wonder, then, that Mordhau has cut through the clutter and laid siege to the Steam charts. Steam users are digging the heck out of it.


Since the dawn of video games — and possibly even the dawn of man — human beings have been creating city-building games. It’s fitting, then, that the latest genre hit is set in prehistoric times and called Dawn of Man. Steam users are loving it.


What happens when you get a bunch of devs from the Metal Gear Solid games, Armored Core, Xenobnlade Chronicles X and tell them to make an action survival game? You end up spending most of the time crafting, apparently.


When Atlas first launched last month, it didn’t cannonball into the high seas so much as belly flop.

The resulting wet slapping sound continues to echo around in the game’s Steam review section to this day. Even though the game is still eliciting cringes and jeers from its reviewers, Atlas has somehow also become hugely popular.


Sometimes, you just need to howl into a void. Say whatever else you will about it, but 2018 provided us with no lack of voids into which to howl our agonized cries. Steam’s review section sure was one of them—and an illuminating one, at that.


It's not every day a new gargantuan space opera drops on Steam. And yet, at the start of the month, a space simulator promising all the exploration and trading you'd expect from Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen arrived.