Deep Rock Galactic, As Told By Steam Reviews

Deep Rock Galactic, As Told By Steam Reviews

It took a while for Deep Rock Galactic to find its footing. But now that the game’s launched out of Early Access, the co-op cave crawler has become one of the highest rated games on Steam.

Even well before its launch on May 13, Deep Rock Galactic has been adored on Steam. The game’s currently sitting at a 96 percent user rating from over 30,800 reviews at the time of writing, with a 96 percent positive rating from over 3,300 reviews over the last 30 days.

The four-player co-op shooter, where players pick one of four sci-fi dwarven classes, is all about going on procedurally generated underground missions. The main objective is to basically collect fossils, minerals, gold and other resources.

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Where Deep Rock Galactic has really struck a chord with gamers is the deep and distinct progression for each of the four classes. Reviewers praised the game for its polish, an excellent procedural generation system, satisfying end-game content, lots of difficulty options, solid shooting mechanics, no microtransactions, good visual variety between the caves, and the ability for your sci-fi dwarf to get blackout drunk.

Negative reviews criticised the structure of the game’s missions – largely the experience after you complete a mission’s objective. Some complained that the game’s end-game content wasn’t sufficiently balanced for solo play, while others complained about a lack of variety in the mission types themselves. Some players also complained about a lack of a proper tutorial experience.

Here’s what users are saying about Deep Rock Galactic on Steam:


  • Have to say I’m one of the positive reviews for this game, play it awhile ago once vermintide was done. This was a really fun chill out game with a few mates, but hectic at higher levels. All the classes feel different and useful, and I’d recomend trying this game if looking for a nice easy coop shooter/hole digger.

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