Inscryption, As Told By Steam Reviews

Inscryption, As Told By Steam Reviews

Sometimes there’s no better joy than drawing energy through the confused misery of others.

That’s what it’s like reading the experiences of users on Steam trying to review Inscryption, the subversive card battler from the maker of The Hex and Pony Island.

The game’s been well received — the Steam audience tends to appreciate games that mess with the player or obscure things, like Cruelty Squad earlier this year — with an overwhelmingly positive 95 percent rating from over 1,800 reviews.

Most of the positive reviews, at least the ones that don’t delve into explaining the mechanics or just straight up spoilers, are either nonsensical quips that you won’t understand without having played Inscryption. Or they’re telling the player to stop reading and just play the game (much like I did).

Some of the negative reviews have complained about the game’s store page being misleading, or that the latter stages of the game don’t live up to the first couple of hours. It’s impossible to venture into that without revealing at least a small part of Inscryption‘s twist, however, so spoilers ahead. Some users also complained about the game’s approach to randomness and unfairness when it came to failure.

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Image: Kotaku Australia / Daniel Mullins Games

Here’s what users are saying about Inscryption:

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