A New Drawful And Jackbox Party Pack Just Got Announced

A New Drawful And Jackbox Party Pack Just Got Announced

That’s it. Clear everything off the Games of 2016 list. This goes right up the top.

You know how Mark likes Dark Souls? That’s what the Jackbox games are like for me. And a new one just got announced.

Jackbox Games, the company behind the party trivia games that use mobile phones as controllers, announced earlier this morning that a third Jackbox Party Pack would be released later this year. The reveal was on a stream from the Chicago Pop Culture Event, where the developers also lifted the lid on a sequel to Drawful.

The announcement took place from 3:16:00, if you want to skip forward. If not, here’s the teaser for Drawful 2. It’s a bit funny.

Some of the new features include the ability to draw in a second colour — which is actually super useful for minute details, if you’re capable enough of drawing them (I’m not) — and the ability to ban trolls from the remainder of the game, which is super useful.

Jackbox Party Pack 3 was also revealed, although it was stressed that Drawful 2 won’t be included as part of the pack. The new Party Pack will be released in the autumn, while Drawful 2 will be made available before winter hits.

The games in the pack will be announced closer to release, and the Jackbox developers didn’t outline whether the new party pack would have all new games (in the vein of Bidiots and Earwax) or sequels to existing fan favourites.

I’d really like a sequel to You Don’t Know Jack that can support more than 4 people — I’d take 6 as a maximum, but at least more than 4 — and another take on Quiplash or Fibbage. I’m still waiting for Quiplash to be spun-off as a separate mobile game so I can feel awful during my daily commute, but that doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon.


  • Tried these with family and friends on the weekend, and it was brilliant. Some issues with older smartphones and smaller screens when it came to Drawful, but the one using the iphone 4S still managed to do pretty well.

    YDKJ was a bit of a clusterfuck of responsiveness frustrations as lag delays affected everyone differently, leaving a couple folks with a very clear buzzer advantage. And strongly disadvantaged those who had reading issues and couldn’t see the answer options on the TV.

    Fibbage went over very well.

  • They still haven’t released jackbox party pack #2 on the aussie xbox store yet, let alone #3.

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