DC Comics Has Unveiled The Titles And Creative Lineup Behind Rebirth

DC Comics Has Unveiled The Titles And Creative Lineup Behind Rebirth

Over the weekend at WonderCon, DC comics unveiled the creative team rebooting their entire universe in their Rebirth overhaul. DC last rebooted their universe with The New 52 comics five years ago, and this new series will hit comic book shelves on May 25, and will last for two years.

DC took to Twitter during the live stream to announce the new titles and creative teams, as well as some artwork:

Action Comics (which will continue the story of Superman: Lois and Clark), written by Dan Jurgens

All Star Batman, written by Scott Snyder and John Romita, Jr.

Batgirl, written by Hope Larson

Batgirl & the Birds of Prey, written by Shawna and Julie Benson

Batman Beyond, by Bernard Chang and Dan Jurgens

Batman and Batman Rebirth, written by Tom King

Blue Beetle, by Benjamin Percy

Cyborg, by John Semper Jr.

Deathstroke, by Christopher Priest

Detective Comics, written by James Tynion IV

Flash, by Joshua Williamson

Green Arrow, by Benjamin Percy

Green Lanterns, by Sam Humphries and Geoff Johns

Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps, by Robert Venditti and Ethan Van Sciver

Harley Quinn, by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti

The Hellblazer, by Simon Oliver and Justin Moritat

Justice League, by Tony S Daniel and Fernando Pasarin

Justice League America

New Superman, by Gene Luen Yang

Nightwing, by Tim Seeley

Red Hood & the Outlaws by Scott Lobdell and Dexter Soy

Suicide Squad, by Philip Tan, Jim Lee and Rob Williams

Supergirl, by Steve Orlando

Superman, by Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi

Super Sons

Teen Titans (with an entirely new team)

Titans, (which takes over from Teen Titans), by Dan Abnett

Trinity, (featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman), by Francis Manapul

DC will be releasing each of these books over the course of the winter.

Which of these are you most excited by?


    • Cheaper comics (than Marvel) that are not meant to require buying multiple series to stay up to date on your favourite storyline (anymore). Those scumbags.

  • How is the Flash losing to Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman in a race to the godhand?
    Isn’t that his thing? Being fast?

  • Tim, Steph and Cassandra Cain on a new team?? Might need to check that out, hoping it ignores all the crap Scott Lobdell did with Tim Drake (can’t believe he is still getting put on new books). Seems wierd there are like 2 Robins and 3 Batgirls now though…

    Also, I haven’t really followed Green Lantern since the New52 stuff but why are there now 2 new human GL’s and why are both of them in the Justice League?

    • The second Green Lantern you refer to isn’t a Green Lantern exactly. To put it briefly, her name is Jessica Cruz and is known as Power Ring instead of Green Lantern, her ring isn’t a normal GL ring but a twisted version from Earth-3 (that found it’s way to Jessica after ‘Forever Evil’). She was introduced in Justice League and as far as I’m aware she has only ever been in that title so far.

      • ah ok thanks, that’s actually kind of cool, will definitely look into it more when I eventually catch up on Green Lantern.

  • A lot of potential here I guess, not that I’m too familiar with a lot of the writers and artists listed. Scott Snyder still writing a Batman comic is awesome, even if it’s not the main title. Trinity also sounds like a great idea, I found it weird that there were ‘Batman/Superman’ and ‘Superman/Wonder Woman’ titles in the N52, having all three characters in the one team-up title is a much better idea.

    But one writer missing is Tom Taylor. Got my fingers crossed that he’ll be the unannounced writer for ‘Justice League America’, but if he isn’t than that is a massive loss for DC, whatever the reason for his absence is. His work on Injustice was amazing, and has proven himself more since.

  • Can we just get a Redhood Solo already? I know you keep using him to try and keep some of the lower trending characters at least somewhat relevant, but of all the nice looking comics coming out R&O looks the worst.

  • Lot of nice artwork in there. Think I’ll wait a few years though – they’ll have rebooted it all again by then I’m guessing 😛

  • I love the artwork and some of the folks handling the new stuff..

    But sorry no… i’m so over this cycle of crisis, reboots and rebirth. I just cannot get invested anymore when I can go read/watch more coherent self contained stuff from other publishers or manga =/

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