Even Finn Wants A Star Wars: Battlefront Singleplayer Campaign

I wanted a singleplayer campaign in Battlefront. You probably did too. You know who else does? John Boyega, the guy who plays Finn in the actual Star Wars movies.

It is! It's also a better way to appreciate all the work that went into the game's visuals and sound.

Listen to this man, DICE. Listen to this man, EA.


    I couldn't really care less about it personally. If DICE made it it'd probably suck anyway, if they were to put extra dev time into the game I'd prefer more actual multiplayer content (and better servers).

      DICE have always been one of my top studios, their sound design and engines are amazing tech wise which I respect them for. It's EAs pushing for DLC that's the only draw back.

      The game just needs a decent Single Player. The SP I enjoyed most to this day was Crysis 2...took me 22 hours to finish that after soaking in atmosphere and plotting away through the game.

        I meant that I've got nothing against DICE in general (the feel of Battlefront is phenomenal), I just haven't liked most of their past single-player campaigns so didn't expect this one to be different. Would be happy for them to prove me wrong though.

          That's true. Bad company was decent. But the standard battlefields have lacked in story.

    I'd prefer to wait it out for Amy Hennig's single player game. So excited. :)

    Battlefront' slack of a single-player campaign is the only reason I haven't picked up the game. I absolutely love the visuals and the sound, but I've never been a big fan of online shooters. If it even had just 6 hours worth of a campaign I could justify buying it.

    Even The Actor Who Plays Finn Wants A Star Wars: Battlefront Singleplayer Campaign*

    Do people not realise that a DICE single player game would have been shit.

      Why? BF3's campaign was great! :D I loved the level taking off from the aircraft carrier. With headphones on it felt amazing.

    I'm sure they'll add it in... for the small additional DLC price of $50USD!

    They should just give the engine and assets to BioWare to do the campaign. They've crushed an SP Star Wars game in the past, and could no doubt do it again.

    Surely Battlefront is just a testing of the waters? getting down a base coat of Visuals, Audio and basic Mechanics and throwing it out there to see if there's a market for it. I'm sure that next time round they will add a Campaign.

      Surely Battlefront is just a testing of the waters?

      I'm pretty sure the two Battlefront games released before this one tested the waters well enough.

    I dont want a singleplayer campaign, I want fucking botmatch like we had in the original Battlefield series. From 1942 upto Battlefield 2 we had access to Botmatches and Co-Op Bot matches so that we could learn to fly jets and choppers, drive any of the vehicles in the game and assault checkpoints with AI companions.

    I also loved being bale to reinforcement counter to 10000 and having matches last for upwards of 6hrs instead of them being over in the space 15mins. I remember playing as the germans in the battle of britan map from the Secrets of War Expansion pack for 1942 and the game lasted for 8hrs as we slowly took out all the radar towers (the defenders advatage for the brits was fucking huge

      Uhh there are bot matches

      Seriously you can have 2 player offline split screen matches with a whole lot of bots

        whats in battle front is not botmatch, its wave based horde mode and a fucking poor attempt at it

    Play an EA game offline?! Heresy! Always Online is the future of DRM socially-connected gaming!

    Forget single player offline multiplayer is a perfect way to learn controls and up the difficulty for some fjn and make it like the old battlefront so you can do whatever you want the whole match offline if i want i can be luke and slaughter troopers ir fight vader or if i want to fly a tie the whole time or whatever make it like the old battlefronts offline mode.

    Sorry Mr Boyega. A single player campaign is where you are supposed to have an engaging storyline and entertaining gameplay. If you want to learn the controls, do a tutorial or read the [email protected]@&") manual.

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