For The Resident Evil Fan With Everything, T-Virus Fragrance 

For the Resident Evil Fan with Everything, T-Virus Fragrance

Finally! You too can smell like zombies. According to Inside Games, Capcom is releasing this limited edition fragrance at its Capcom Cafe in Saitama, Japan starting March 26. It's called T-Virus and designed after the infamous Umbrella Corporation strain.

Inside adds that this bottled scent is priced at 4200 yen ($49), but doesn't give details on what it actually smells like. So, blood? Decaying flesh? Disappointing sequels?


    Please tell me there's a wacky TV ad for this.

      As long as it references Jill Sandwiches, Masters of Unlocking and Chris' Blood.

        Be quiet, Barry is examining the blood.

    They could have at least made a fancier bottle like this:

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