Good Old Games Rolls Out Some Good Old Security

I don't know about you, but my digital library is worth a lot to me. Not as large as some, but if you took away my ability to digitally access my 400 or so video games I'd be rather upset. So making sure that doesn't happen is pretty important.

Fortunately, I'm not the only one who cares about the security of their gaming libraries. And after being hounded by requests for years, Good Old Games today has stepped up their efforts a notch with some long-awaited features.

In a post on their site, the CD Projekt RED-owned marketplace announced they were rolling out optional two-factor authentication and HTTPS encryption across the entire store. They also add that "two-step login can be virtually impenetrable" when combined with "unique passwords for every account".

To activate it, you simply have to go to the Login & Security section of your account settings. From there, a four digit verification code will be sent to your email. That's all you have to do — although it will be interesting to see if GOG rolls out a mobile application in the future, like Valve has.

That's a little ambitious of them, but there's no doubt that having two-factor authentication is leaps and bounds ahead of not having extra protection. On top of that, you can now log out of all your active GOG sessions with one click. (Wouldn't mind being able to do that with my Steam account, actually.)

Furthermore, HTTPS will now be used for every single connection with the site. "Every bit (and byte) of data that travels between you, us, and everyone on will be encrypted, including the store, forum, chat, downloads and even all of GOG Galaxy. It truly is HTTPS everywhere," GOG wrote.


    I've been into CDPR since the days of Witcher 2, but I still haven't actually taken the plunge with the GOG library like I have with other digital storefronts.

    Sure I'd *like* to spend the money on GOG more, but I don't have the time to play most of its catalogue. Steam beats it out with sheer bullyboy tactics and overall convenience/exclusives but this will definitely encourage me to shop more with GOG,

    GOG at least doesn't throw a hissy fit if I decide to go offline or my connection drops once in a blue moon!

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